Red pill makes you fluent in every spoken language. Blue pill makes you a master of every musical instrument in the world. Which do you swallow?

I thought this would be a interesting discussion.


You can only take one.


Notes : You never forget a language or a musical skill either. Its always there in your head. And also, when I say a 'master on musical instruments', I mean one of the best in the world. Also the languages are only communication languages, not programming skills. via reddit


As for me I would pick languages. The nice thing about music is that it is already a universal language. :]

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Red pill.

Red pill.  Talented at music, suck at languages.

As appealing as being able to play the violin with perfection is. I have to go with the red pill. I love talking to everyone, so if I had to freedom to speak to anyone regardless, that would be awesome.


Barriers are not something I like being stuck behind. =^P

Since I can't pick purple pill and just be a alright at 1/2 of each...I'll take red. 

The blue pill.

I posed this question (via the link to this site) to my eldest daughter.  She teaches music at a middle school (read "junior high").  With her permission, I have included her response here;


"Language pill.

I'd be an interpreter in a heartbeat. I have always loved language, it's why I didn't find it impossible to stay in french immersion in high school - it was tricky with the arts courses and all. It would be so nice and glamourous to travel around the world, work with the UN or something. I think a lot of misunderstanding could be avoided.

I wouldn't take the music pill. I can't imagine not having things to work on and improve, I can't imagine feeling differently about the people I sit with in band every week. I'd lose the fun of it, the quest. I would be an awful teacher because I wouldn't know what it would be like to be lost on a musical idea or concept, or to struggle to practice and improve. If I knew all the languages, I'd be a better singer for it. I've always wanted to learn the African ones with the different kinds of tongue clicking etc. :)

We are all looking too hard for instant perfection and overnight celebrity, but we really don't take the time to *get* each other. Now if there was a pill for *that* I'd take it in a heartbeat."


I think she nailed it.

Blue pill without a moments hesitation.


red pill for sure. . .i love languages but I always forget how hard a new one is to learn. . .


but that part of me that wanted wants to be a rock star might ask for the blue pill :)

Hmmmmm? I would have to go with the blue pill. I absorb language relatively quickly and easily but have struggled for decades with music. Admittedly that is the lazy choice (take a pill to conquer the tough challenge) but as others have mentioned music is a universal form of communication. 

 Listening to music is my number 1 passtime, playing it is a close second. I've always wanted to play multiple instruments. I think it would be great to be able to play any song I want and get whatever sound I want, or even play the same song and experiment with different sounds. I sound like the biggest nerd, but I gotta say if I could do that, I would never be bored. I have to admit it was a difficult choice since I already know how to play an instrument but I can't speak anything but English. I would love to speak multiple languages too, but I gotta still say music. I'll always have that even when there's no one around to talk to!

I would go blue. 
I speak two languages fluently and I have flirted with others. I think with regular practice I can speak any language and even without being able to verbally communicate with someone you can still find a way to understand each other. Music is the love of my life I have studied everything about her and although I can understand what she says and I can read her writings I fail at expressing myself in her tongue.

I tried hard to make a decision. I give up. My list of pros and cons for each seems to be endless lol.


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