How is everybody doing? Just a little back ground on myself I played football at UK and have always been heavy into sports. Now that my career is done I'm working on getting my masters in physics because the universe and how and why it works the way it does has always been tremendously fascinating to me. 

Questioning of Christian ideas and my passion for learning about nature and physics and it became clear that no religion could be true. In fact the Genesis account in the bible has to be one of the least inspired and hopelessly misguided accounts of nature in human history.

Anyways I am black (and white), an athlete, and was raised in a Catholic family. Let me describe what type of people this surrounds me with. First of all black people are by far the most religious group in this country. Even questioning God or Jesus can land you out of these peoples lives. Families often disown. A black girl can't bring home an atheist to her family it's written in stone trust me I know lol. As an athlete, surely you all know everybody is always thanking God, we pray before games, at halftime, have mandatory chapel services, the whole 9 yards. And lastly, my family is Catholic, that means that not only do they believe in all the Christian dogma, they also believe that they are actually eating Jesus and drinking his blood, and statues of Mary can walk around, and oh boy have I said my fair share of rosaries growing up. 

I wanted to join this site to branch out and be able to talk openly with other people who just aren't so deluded because at this point I see it everywhere and am just so highly annoyed that its almost eating me on the inside haha.

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