I myself come from an extremely devout conservative family. I was raised as a Catholic and became "born again" during a Summer Vacation Bible camp when I was in the sixth grade. I made all the sacraments, went to CCD (like Bible study classes), attended Christian Conferences and week long camps, and even went to a Private Catholic College. My husband went into the military shortly after we married and I think that was the beginning of my de-conversion.  I attended LSU and lived all over the deep South.  This really opened up my eyes to a world very different from where I grew up. I began questioning after attempting to find a church that "fit" us.  Listening to pastors talk about beating their kids, using Bible quotes to condone it, and then sitting through masses about tithing and speaking in tongues, I started to see how crazy religion was. I guess I identified as non-denominational for a while because I didnt want to have anything to do with man made religion. Then it was watching documentaries and specials on Jesus and I started questioning the Bible and whether or not he could have existed and raised the dead, and walked on water, turned water to wine, etc....My conclusion upon getting my degree in Science Psychology was no he couldnt have, those things are improbable.  If that was my conclusion then every other "story" in the Bible was improbable and where did that leave me?

My de-conversion was a process and progress if you ask me. I didnt just wake up one day and say "I think I'll be an atheist". I was a long sometimes painful process that led me here. I could never "go back" EVER, too many things about this world and Universe point to happen stance, probability, and accident. We are Serendipitous, the outcome of a happy accident. I'm fine with that, I'm happy with that! I no longer need a man in the sky subconsciously re affirming my every choice and "making" me feel guilty when I make a poor decision. My brain is far evolved from the mythology and going back is no longer an option.

The repercussions from my de-conversion have been slight. My Mom cried when she found out and told me I was going to Hell, now she just tries to get me to listen to Christian radio stations and referred to my recent raise and promotion as an "answer to her prayers". I deal with the religious rhetoric because she is family. I now look back often, especially when she looks at something purely scientific and attributes it to God, and wonder how I could have ever believed such nonsense. 

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He hasn't proven it - it's his theory, and many abound.  The widest school of thought at the moment has all 11 dimensions being eternal, although there is a big question as to whether or not they 'are'.

It's entirely possible that space/time and energy always existed, without a beginning and without an end.

And I KNOW you don't want to go into the "what caused the causer" discussion --

"What caused the First Cause" is indeed a contradiction akin to "where is north of the North Pole?".

I disagree that it's possible that the time/space/energy universe always existed. It's profoundly problematic both scientifically (Big Bang Cosmology) and philosophically (the impossibility of traversing an actual concrete infinite).

Not the least bit problematic for many of the greatest minds on the planet


"...time and other ten dimensions of spaces have always existed."

If God created everything....what created God? Don't say well he has always been either....because why would he just chill forever and then be like you know what I'm bored....let's create the Universe! Does that make much sense?

Don't you know Kara, that's one of those questions that always gets answered with, "God works in mysterious ways --" which is religious-speak for, "I got no clue, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna admit it!"

Don't you know Kara, that's one of those questions that always gets answered with, "God works in mysterious ways --" which is religious-speak for, "I got no clue, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna admit it!"

@ Arch - LOL 

We are told that he is from eternity to eternity; everlasting.

the question is, what is meant by eternity. You can also put the shoe on the other foot. Your imagination made God, but who made you ? And remember evolution does not answer the question of where life came from, but only how it evolved.

That's correct - abiogenesis answers the question of where life came from; but now we are finding that life may not be at all what we had in mind.

My Mommy and Daddy --

@Heather - RE: "life may not be at all what we had in mind" - don't just tease and run, elaborate please, that sounds intriguing, and certainly more challenging than playing with Michael, which equates to a battle of wits with an unarmed troll.

@Mikey - RE: "We are told that he is from eternity to eternity; everlasting."

Who told us that Mikey?


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