Recent Bird and fish deaths. The faithful have put on their thinking caps...

Rationalists of Think, please weigh in.

"When the term "dead fish" became a top Google search Wednesday, soaring past the likes of Lindsay Lohan and leaving Justin Bieber in its scaly wake, it looked as if the end were near.

That's what everyone was saying, anyway.

After millions of tiny fish went belly up in Chesapeake Bay this week, much of the populace immediately dismissed the official scientific explanation (the water was just too darn cold). What made more sense, they reasoned?

The approaching apocalypse. Of course."


And just for fun... Please read the "Comments" section of this one:



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I'm inclined to think it is environmental and related to the Gulf disaster.


Please correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the ground water evaporate and get absorbed into the clouds. Are we sure the oil isn't getting sucked up in there too and is now causing a mass environmental tragedy? Well, even more tragic than usual.

Check this link out. It is Google Map that documents the locations and number of deaths. There are a lot more than I thought. I was starting to gravitate toward it being just a common occurance that people never see.... But is it this common??? 


Awesome sources. Thanks for the great info!
Well I have been trying to be the voice of reason on my local town forum for a few days now over the issue. Lots of crazies in my neck of the woods so I have been pretty busy.
Is it me or is this conspiracy week here at TA,feels like it.
I've been hearing that it is the "end of times" as long as I've had ears!
God realized his mistake a little too late when he flooded the Earth the first time around. His original intentions were to eradicate all living life. The problem, you see, were the fishes. They didn't drown, obviously. God is preparing Noah's flood v2 - this time, the fishes won't stand a chance.




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