Recent Bird and fish deaths. The faithful have put on their thinking caps...

Rationalists of Think, please weigh in.

"When the term "dead fish" became a top Google search Wednesday, soaring past the likes of Lindsay Lohan and leaving Justin Bieber in its scaly wake, it looked as if the end were near.

That's what everyone was saying, anyway.

After millions of tiny fish went belly up in Chesapeake Bay this week, much of the populace immediately dismissed the official scientific explanation (the water was just too darn cold). What made more sense, they reasoned?

The approaching apocalypse. Of course."


And just for fun... Please read the "Comments" section of this one:



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Awaiting more information ...

Maybe God planned to wipe out humans once again but engineered his plan incorrectly and it's targeting fish and birds?
Ha!  I moved to AR when I was in 6th grade and lived there until I graduated.  I've been telling people all along that that place is so backward and hillbillyish that even the wildlife would rather die than live there another moment.
I knew this was going to be brought up at some point. It's funny how fear and ignorance surpasses logic in situations were you cant explain something right away.

Sigh, nature sure can be cruel at times, birds are my favorite animal species and to see so many of them dead brings a tear to my eyes.  :(

I love all animals ofcourse but birds have always had a special place in my heart :)


Lolz, the bird deaths near me (Beebe, AR) are right across from the united methodist church... Hey guys, FSM is angry, quit praying to the wrong god! hahaha
It is funny but also scary that the first thing so many people think about is "apocalypse" or "end times."  Never "pollution" or "pesticides" or "climate change" or any kind of scientific explanation.  Just makes you want to bang your head down on the desk!
Percentage-wise, 5000 is rather a small number of birds. Right? I mean, if there were something to fear, perhaps we'd see many more birds dead. Although I did hear of more dead birds in Tennessee... *shrugs*
I guess between the rapture predictions of this year and the dead animals, I guess we atheists are going to have to give in and repent now.  facepalm.
AMEN to that. Last year was my first year of organic gardening, and it was pretty monotonous trying to pollinate everything by hand.

Geez, the comments on that NatGeo article are disturbing and depressing. The highest rated comments are the worst, like this one:

I believe that the tectonic plates are shifting, causing earthquakes and those quakes are causing the magnetic field to loose its feng shui for a fraction of a second.

Here's another winner (highly rated comment):

Reminds me of when they tried to blame 911 solely on muslim terrorists when the evidence shows they had alot of help from traitors within.

And this one (highly rated comment):

I would like to see some of the plausible theories ruled out like changes in the earths magnetic field. I am sure that someone is recording it - show us the tapes. There has been a large number of earthquakes in the area show us why that couldn't have caused it.

Seriously, maybe this is the end of the world. Because stupid people are taking over. Quick, someone make up a story about airplanes getting lost because of their spinning compasses.




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