I have read many reasons why people are atheist on here.  What has begun to bother me is many people's justification for their atheist point of view is not based on logic.  Many seem to be coming from a place of anger then they attach theists for their injustices.  Injustice is not mutually exclusive to religion.  I think people should move past that and get their views from sound examination of facts and fiction.  I don't believe there is a God for one reason and one reason only.  I have no proof of his existence and the inconsistencies about who and what he is. I am not Atheist because of the flaws to religious institutions.  To me that puts you in a very weak and shaky place.  What do each of you think?

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BRAVO!!!!  Cathleen I came to this place the same way.  I actually was in a born again sect and spent my youth trying to reconcile the beliefs against what was in plain sight in front of me.  I spent so much time searching for God and finally I found out he wasn't there.  For the most part my family are still strong believers and that is ok with me.  What I am not ok with is when some want to denegrate and then my debating skills come to the surface and I leave them frustrated and angry.  They end up going to the tried and true answer; "You don't question God."  My answer to them is don't worry I don't.  All the time thinking, "There is no god to question."

Luckily for the most part most of my family respect me.  They still struggle with saying to me things like "God bless you" when I sneeze.  I don't care about such things and I respect them for who they are.   I find it good to come from a place of understanding why so many people need religion.  That is fine with me.  What is not fine is condemnation of me and others who see life as I do.  Then they deal with my position.  No anger just let them know I will not be intimidated by them.

"You don't question God."  My answer to them is don't worry I don't.  All the time thinking, "There is no god to question."

LOL great one :D

I never really grew up as an atheist, since my parents didn't push me either way. I somewhat naturally assumed that beliefs in magical people up in the sky are silly when someone first mentioned them to me. I then went on to literally ask God if he exists in a very casual manner (if he's omniscient, then he could hear me regardless of where I am, I reasoned), and concluded that not only was no one answering, no one was listening. Atheist I am.
Because I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or the Bogeyman, either.

The nice thing about being over 50 is really not caring what other people think about you, your opinions or your way of life. 


I have finally achieved the place where I can live my life as I want and ignore those who don't like it.  Maybe I always could have, but I didn't get free until I discovered my own atheism in my 40's. 


And I am the matriarchal figure that my children look up to so it is very nice for them that I don't interfer in their paths of life at all. 


Surprise! None of the kids ever got infected with religion.



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