Actually found out about this today. Heard thousands attended. Going on through Sunday. 

Wondering if anyone of our crew made it there and perhaps share on some of the happenings.

Guess it's official; we're looking to have a voice in Washington. 

Wish I could have made it. 

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(some positive mainstream media)

Live Stream from the Reason Rally

I was there, in fact currently waiting for connecting flight back home to Portland area now. I had a great time. Could not stay for all, but the part that I attended was very upbeat and friendly. The groups tent was crowded, although there were a few empty tables - none of the Ning social networks (Nexus, think, or universe) had tables. There were atheist celeb sightings. I am not a celeb watcher, so did not try to pose for pics with any. Weather was hot and humid, I guess par for the course in DC. I sweated buckets. Really awe inspiring site for sich an occasion, in front of Lincoln Memorial, near WWII memorisl, for those who gave so much to protect the country and build what we have today. There were a few religious crazies, minimal and to me watching them was kind of like gawking at the monkey exhibit at the zoo. Very worthwhile for me, we showed our numbers - a little - and Im glad I went,
Thank you for the update Dan.

Always enjoyed going to the memorial's in the D.C. Area. To have been among people who share "Reason" with you, in that environment, our nations Capitol; must have been great.

My thinking is that it can only get bigger and better. Next year I may get to see you there. Should I start printing up some Thinkatheist T-shirts for next years gathering?

Thanks again.

It's not an annual event so hold off on those T shirts until they actually announce the next one!  The first one was in 2012, this is only the second one (and at least one person I know opined this was too frequent!); she cited the fact that attendance was much less this time around as evidence (if you hold an event too often, people put it off saying they'll go next time).

I suspect they might do this again in 2020, but that's only my gut feel, don't take it as gospel (I'm not in on any planning, that's for sure).  The point behind the rallies is to try to demand our voices be heard in the political process, and presidential election years are prime time for that sort of consideration.

The don't take it as gospel comment is suitable for that other grammar Nazi thingy.

The nerve of the speakers to assume all people accept it as true. Fuckers.

Not sure what the second paragraph is in reference to?

Since gospel is tantamount to absolute truth for some they are presumptuous enough to assume everybody has the same "truth"

Thanks. I've never been so I naturally assumed it was a yearly gathering of "Non's". MY bad...

I went, and found it disappointing by comparison with 2012.  The crowd was clearly MUCH smaller (it looked unspectacular from the Lincoln Memorial), and the reflecting pool cut things up.  (Fortunately they kept the very western "shore" of the reflecting pool open as a way to cut across.) As symbolic as the Lincoln Memorial is, the other location, east of the Washington Monument, was, IMHO a better idea.

It was impossible to figure out who was speaking at any given time; faces were unrecognizable on the jumbotron screens.  Their website basically crashed under the load of people trying to figure out who the heck was talking.  They offered an app, but when I found out it wanted access to damn near everything on my phone, I refused to install it. [Honestly, why the fuck do you need my microphone, guys?]  Simple fix for next time:  put the speaker's name on the screen in addition to the close captioning.

2012 was rainy, but I preferred that to the infernal sauna we had last Saturday.  (I realize that's probably a minority opinion--but then, on the other hand, the crowd was smaller this time so maybe many voted with their feet.) 

I bailed out at about 3PM; last time I stayed until almost the end.  I did get pictures with Aron Ra, who got a kick out of my wearing a "لا إله" sticker (Arabic for "there is no god"--pronounced "la ala-HA" with a guttural H) from the Ex Muslims.

The post rally convention the next day was much more rewarding, and made the a net positive.

That guttural "H" takes a lot of training to get right :-) I met him recently too and he liked my "I am Raif Badawi" tattoo which is in Arabic. He has a few tattoos himself.

Just want to point out (for others) the guttural H isn't a full blown "ach du lieber" chi sound.  But I also made a more serious mistake, it's "la ilaha" (second A should have been an i).

Apparently almost half of the consonants in Arabic have a "uvular" form as well, written with a completely different letter.  This is commonly transliterated with a dot or underline, "t" as opposed to "t" for instance, and someday I'll try to figure out how to make them.


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