Real Bomb Threat Concerns or Prejudice and Bigotry Knee jerk reaction?

(Reuters) - Texas police will review decisions made when a Muslim teenager was taken away in handcuffs after high school staff mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, the Irving police chief said on Friday.\

Questions that arise is if the school really thought it was a bomb then why didn't they immediately follow safety precautions and evacuate the school, and call in the Bomb squad? Instead the boy and the clock was taken to the Vice Principal's office and detained there till the police came who decided to handcuff and take him before they even talked to the Engineer Teacher who confirmed it was a clock.

A High School with emphasis on Engineering but can't even understand basic electronics and circuits?

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Oh... I don't know... exactly what he said he was up to? What the first teacher could have confirmed in 2 seconds would have said he was up to? What a simplistic kid's level homemade circuit board clock suggested he was up to? We got stupid people in our schools and that's the factoid you're looking for...

I don't disagree that we have abysmally stupid people teaching in the schools, I could tell you stories from when I was on the receiving end of it.

At least one person has made the claim that it's simply a cover-off, bought off the shelf clock, not even actually home-made by the guy.

Steven, by now we know your opinion of the American educational system, and it's an opinion most of us share, I'm sure.

However, you're going off half-cocked. It doesn't follow from the fact that a physics teacher saw that it was just a clock that he ran around and told all the other teachers that it was just a clock. I would expect an English teacher to be as ignorant of electronics as i would expect a physics teacher to be of John Donne.

Okay... so we agree that reasonably smart people, for the most part, refuse to become teachers in our educational system (probably because they can do a lot better if not to avoid having to deal with power mad stupid people). With that proviso I concur, I do expect an English teacher to be ignorant. And that is exactly the point. 

It's all an Obama Plot!

exactly what you can expect from your party!


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