Real Bomb Threat Concerns or Prejudice and Bigotry Knee jerk reaction?

(Reuters) - Texas police will review decisions made when a Muslim teenager was taken away in handcuffs after high school staff mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, the Irving police chief said on Friday.\

Questions that arise is if the school really thought it was a bomb then why didn't they immediately follow safety precautions and evacuate the school, and call in the Bomb squad? Instead the boy and the clock was taken to the Vice Principal's office and detained there till the police came who decided to handcuff and take him before they even talked to the Engineer Teacher who confirmed it was a clock.

A High School with emphasis on Engineering but can't even understand basic electronics and circuits?

Electrical Systems Technology Apprenticeship Program
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I've had a number of students bring their own gadgets to school to proudly show me and their fellow students - circuit boards, wires, batteries, duct tape, cases and all. Guess I should have called the police on those students too? *Rolls Eyes*

I'm putting the whole situation in multiple categories: ignorance, racism, bad decision making, and fear.

Bill Maher's take. (He's atheist, BTW)

Teens, especially boys, like to fuck with authority and see what they can get away with. He's probably totally innocent of that, but any high school has to deal with that sort of thing on a regular basis. Maher gives a fairly balanced assessment, I think. 

I love Bill Maher, lol....

I don't know what to believe with this one. Do we really know the sequence of events of what happened?

A lot of people don't parse the situation. They see it as fucked up from the start. Bill makes the point that the school did at the start what we'd want them to do, which is to be alert for anything suspicious.

Undoubtedly, it did go downhill from there with some hard-to-justify aspects such as questioning the boy without his parents present, even though I think a violation of law would only apply if it was done by the police. I believe school administrators can do some things the cops can't, including inspecting his locker and backpack. For police to do that would require a warrant.

Now, carting him off in a cop car in handcuffs seems excessive, but often police have fairly strict policies and protocols they need to follow.

Once it was determined it was just a clock and not a bomb, that still left the question of motive. Was he really simply proud of his creation as he said, or did he know it looked suspicious, in which case he might have been doing what teens often do, which is to push the limits, much like bringing a realistic toy gun to school just to see what would happen. Teens do things like that, and things like that are punishable and may even break a law or two.

We want the staffs of our schools to be alert and watch for signs of guns and bombs and other potential mass murder weapons and to err on the side of proaction.

We want the staffs of our schools to be alert and watch for signs of guns and bombs and other potential mass murder weapons and to err on the side of proaction.

Personally, I want the staffs of our schools to be spending their time on doing things like educating children and encouraging inventiveness and inquiry.

Schools should not be an extension of the Police State.  If you think the kid is being cheeky and "pushing the limits", then that's a school matter, not a police matter.  The police should never have been called.  

I also don't think it's too much to ask for our professional educators to behave professionally, which includes knowing that just because something has wires does not mean it's a bomb.   Especially when the student is standing right next to the thing and saying "look, it's a clock!". 

Reprimand the teacher and fire the building administrators.  The fact that they left the suspension in place is sufficient to show lack of judgment if not racial animus.   Fire the cops who arrested the kid (on what charge?) and then questioned him without his parents.  "I was just following orders/policy/protocol" is not a defense for abusing the rights of citizens in a free democracy.

 "Perhaps because it looks exactly like a fuckin' bomb"

This remark defines the problem in a nutshell. In the movies and on TV the bomb has a bright red digital display counting down the time left, or blinking lights or makes beeping sounds and is wired internally using a standard color coding (apparently agreed upon by all evil bomb makers)

   Reality just doesn't work that way. Bombs  in the real world have poften take the form of padded envelops, or shipping boxes,    Unless, of curse you live in a paranoid la la land.


Richard Dawkins Accuses Ahmed Mohamed Of Committing 'Fraud'

Dawkins thinks the teenager had a plan to go viral.

This is in line with my speculation that the kid might have been fucking with the school administration.

Dawkins is an Islamophobic dingbat.   Why is what he thinks from an ocean away even vaguely relevant?

Why is what your gay-mariage hating buffon of a pope says on the other side of the ocean in his palace of gold built on money manipulated from catholic sheep relevant to anyone other than religious fools?

Whilst Dawkins has his flaws I'm not sure what his geographical location has to do with it?

I suspect the thought is that here's this British guy poking his nose into American politics. Not that I see anything wrong with that in an international forum like this.

I was more critiquing Dawkins' lack of data and cultural understanding to be able to comment intelligently. 

Given the broad concern across the U.S. about police behavior and overreach, the comment about police "playing into his hands" as though a 14-year-old person of color is naturally at fault for bad behavior by police shows a lack of information and cultural understanding of current events and concerns in the U.S.


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