Ray Comfort's 'Origin Of Species' Confuses Amazon but you can Help!

Please check out the video and then go to amazon and click on help and click on contact and send them an email with the attached long or short version.

Thanks for your support guys!

Go here to contact Amazon.com via email:

I wish to bring an urgent matter to your attention. The "Origin of Species" with a foreword by Ray Comfort (ISBN-13: 978-0882709192) is sharing ratings with the more popular and legitimate version. Please correct this as soon as possible and save the internet from Ray Comfort's creationist propaganda. Thank you for your attention.
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***Begin Boilerplate***

To whom it may concern: The Ray Comfort edition of “Origin of Species” is not, in any way, related to the 150th anniversary edition of “Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin. It is a book with a 50 page foreword that is a direct attack, without supporting evidence, on Darwin and evolution. It promotes anti-intellectualism and is an attempt to dissuade the reader for taking any of the contents of “Origin of Species” as serious science. Ray Comfort paints Darwin with a broad brush claiming many things such as that he is racist, misogynistic, and that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and “Darwinism” is responsible for the holocaust during World War II, the untold deaths under Stalin in the USSR, and the atrocities of the Chinese government under Mao Zedong.
I understand that you cross reference some books for consumer convenience, however this book is NOT one that should be sharing ratings with the other versions of the book which are actually about “Origin of Species” and science. With a cursory review of the comments and ratings you can see that the rating is being dramatically damaged by this relationship. This is having an overall negative effect on the rating system and reflects poorly on amazon.com. I use the rating system to determine the quality of a book, and in this case, the negative ratings are significantly impacting the buying decisions of many people.

The rating system aside. If you search for the correct version of the 150th anniversary edition with a foreword by Huxley, you can’t find it. At least not simply. The Ray Comfort version is sold out and hiding the real version which is available. I feel this is an issue that should be resolved with utmost haste.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope you are able to take decisive action regarding this. Amazon.com is a terrific resource and I would hate to see this mark against it stand.

The offending volume’s ISBN:
ISBN-10: 0882709194
ISBN-13: 978-0882709192


Morgan Matthew


Again, here is the link
Go here to contact Amazon.com via email:

Again, THANK YOU for your support on this matter!

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I just went to Amazon to take a look, and it looks like only negative nasty reviews pop up on the Comfort version. (Take a look: http://www.amazon.com/Origin-Species-Anniversary-Charles-Darwin/dp/...)

So maybe Amazon actually acted on all your messages. It would be nice if the Comfort version weren't at the top of Amazon's list, but it is nice to see it getting 1.5 stars while all the other versions get high ratings.
Seems things much have 'changed' back.

Comfort's version shows 48 reviews; if you follow the link for those reviews, then check the 5 star reviews, they are actually for the real version.
Amazon e-mailed and this page shared.
Now let's string Comfort up by his own entrails...
Done. Now if only I knew Ray Comfort's home address I'd show him where he can stick that stupid banana.
Sorry to be juvenile, but nothing makes me angrier than willfully ignorant people pushing crackpot ideas on an unsuspecting populace.
I think he lives in New Zealand. Thanks guys for so much support! I really do appreciate the effort you gals/guys put in!
California, as I recall. Thunderf00t met up with him there to do their debate.
Forget bananas. I'll show him where he can stick that stupid sidekick of his.
Finally, here is the full 50 page PDF in case it is taken down for what ever reason. Also, if you guys have time to leave a review on Amazon please do!



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