Hi all!  My name is Steve and I just found this site and couldn't resist joining.  I've been an Atheist all my adult life (turn 50 next week) while being raised in a very Catholic family.   Put my foot down and stopped the church thing when I was around 16 or so.  For me, I think of being an Atheist as just part of growing up.  I have come to realize that a great many of my fellow humans just aren't that into being grown ups because they have allowed themselves to become addicted to their particular brand of fantasy.  There seem to be plenty of people who do the religious thing out of a sense of tradition but don't take it too seriously; however, the majority (at least around here) seem to be more serious about it than that.  Hell, we had the state board of education trying to put creationism into the science textbooks.   Yeah, that place.   Regardless, it's good to be here and thank god for the internet!

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Hi Steven, welcome!. I was catholic too, tho I'm not from Texas, I share your feelings in this matter. 


Thanks Gabriela.  And don't worry, we can't all be from Texas! :p

Lol Greetings from the Lower Rio Grande Valley here in Texas! I know how you feel bra... seriously. I have lived here in the grand State of Texas my entire life. Having attended public high school, I know the cliche double standard of the christian dogma. Its quite annoying. Texas is worth it though, its too bad the people running the state will always follow the grain.


Welcome to Think Atheist!


Max Powers

Thanks Max.  Being in a big city like Dallas/Fort Worth I can avoid the cultists for the most part and it is improving generally.  I worry that we have just accepted it in our daily lives (on the news, radio, politics, etc) because it's so much the norm.  A vicious cycle.  Plenty of good ole boys to hang with though.

Hey there Joseph.  Thanks for the welcome.  I think once you're out there's no going back.  It isn't that fantasy doesn't play a part any longer in your life; rather, you just find a more productive place for it in your life.  Joy for the sake of joy and nothing else is the good stuff.

This East Coast Canadian bids you welcome.  I've enjoyed meeting Texans during my travels but some of them just make me shake my head (like the Navy Senior Chief who, in the course of espousing his "Buy American" beliefs (which is alright) dropped the "won't buy Proctor & Gamble 'cause they are devil-worshippers!" bomb.  Wow!!)

Probably voted for Perry.  Seriously, there will always be the oddballs out there but do we have to make them the Governor?


Perry invites governors for day of prayers

Hey Steven. Greetings from Fort Worth!

Hey Frankie!
"For me, I think of being an Atheist as just part of growing up"

You hit the nail on the head, Steve!

Texan Atheists aren't as rare as one might think, although it does often feel that way. In the DFW area there are lots of Atheist meetup groups (especially if you're into hanging out at bars). Then there's the Atheist Community of Austin (the guys who run the Atheist Experience). We're not totally alone, even if we are scarce.

I think it's just human nature for most people to laugh quietly at the grown ups acting like children rather than make a big deal out of it.  Since they don't hear the laughing they actually think they're doing it right and multiply...  Doesn't really bother me cuz I'm laughin too damn hard!  If they all of a sudden up and disappeared what would we have to laugh at then?  

My point is that I'm sure there are a lot of Atheists all around us here in Texas - sitting back and enjoying the same show I am.  Just gotta remember to come up for air from time to time.  And if you blink you might miss another great joke.  Wait for it....  Wait for it....  Aaaaahhhhhhh


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