As we all should know one of the many beliefs of Christians (and it's sub sects) is that of The Rapture. A time where the 'Earth is cleansed of evil', where Jesus descends to destroy the anti-Christ and his army yadda yadda yadda... I trust you know the basic outline.


What most of us may be aware of as well is that may Christians believe we are currently in 'The End Times', i.e.. Wars and uprisings etc...


What I wanted to know is: What's your view on it? What's your take on their 'evidence'? And how do you argue back?


Thank you ~ Adam.

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There should be a number of judgements passed:

On the banks - for doing it.

On the politicians - for allowing it.

For the peole - for believing in it and not electing better representatives.

The government - for allowing it to continue.

Too big to fail is too big to exist. The banks should have been nationalized, split up, their stocks annulled and reissued. 

More on how to fix a banking crisis here.

I'm still waiting for the indictments of these greedy bastards.

Which ones?

The banks -  for maximizing profits?

The politicians - for not putting in place proper regulatory system?

The people-  for borrowing beyong their capacity?

The government - for not suggesting fixes to a broken system?

I would say the ones which are already being judged are the people when they get foreclosed due. They are being punished for their lacking knowledge and buying the kool-aid for so many years. The banks to a much lesser extend, though hopefully some of the fired bankers can get a real job. Most of the politicians ended up reelected, which is the fault of the people (democratic responsibility).

There is plenty of blae to go around. Yes, the banks commited a crime, but the people did not exactly revolt against it. I'm sorry to say I have about as much compassion towards those who lost their homes due to overexposure to the property market (in finance called diveresification, common sense alternative 'putting all the eggs in one basket')  as I have to those who lose money in MLM or Ponzi scheme. None of them did the due diligience required, cheered along the ride since it was good for them personally, and only panicked once it fell apart.

The banks should be given blame, but the persons who did what the banks suggested should not get away scot free either. Just like the preachers who sell the ideas of killing abortion doctors must be held accountable for their words, the guy who shoots a doc must bear the responsibility for his actions.

Exactly why I don't think it's even worth wasting time thinking about. It's like arguing about the average wingspan of fairies.
I point out that the 'End Times' have been due for 2000 years and every generation is certain it will occur in theirs. Let's face it , Jesus has stood them up.

Show them one of these lists.

The first one, by JREF, is quite funny.


All in all, I consider all end of the world predictions retarded.

Simple, they will be taken care of by Eternal Earth-Bound Pets ( ).
Meh. Every century since the beginning of judeo-christian belief has been "the end times". If the definition of insanity really is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then I don't know why christians haven't all been committed to the psych ward yet. You'd think they'd learn a little damn critical thinking after thousands of years of false prophecies.
It could be that the guys writing the book were making true prohecies but misspelled Rapculture.
lol could be
I sigh heavily and roll my eyes.

Same shit, different toilet. Whats going on today (Wars, uprisings, etc...) has been going on forever. People have always been saying that Jesus is coming back by the end of their life. Its just another one of those arrogant, self centered, christian beliefs. 

The rapture and the devil are the best weapons that christians have for their use against ignorant people.


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