As we all should know one of the many beliefs of Christians (and it's sub sects) is that of The Rapture. A time where the 'Earth is cleansed of evil', where Jesus descends to destroy the anti-Christ and his army yadda yadda yadda... I trust you know the basic outline.


What most of us may be aware of as well is that may Christians believe we are currently in 'The End Times', i.e.. Wars and uprisings etc...


What I wanted to know is: What's your view on it? What's your take on their 'evidence'? And how do you argue back?


Thank you ~ Adam.

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Most interpretations of "the rapture" include Christ returning.  I'd simply tell them, "Show me Christ and we'll talk."

OK, that's funny!

I'm confused as to why the Rapture is necessary in the first place.  If everyone already knows how it will turn out, what the heck is the point of this great and terrible battle?  Simply to satiate god's everloving desire for bloodshed and suffering?  For dramatic purposes?  Doesn't he get enough of that every single day the world over?  I'm sure everyone already knows whether or not they are on the Naughty List.  It's just another hypocritical and unnecessary part of Christianity.
The rapture is when the aliens who seeded this planet for life come back to harvest it for food.   Large groups of humans will suddenly disappear and the faithful will be in despair because they are still here while many of their family and friends are not.  
I actually chuckle every time some religious group predicts with almighty certainty that the rapture is coming... such as May 21, 2011..... again.... There are plenty of people who will be taken in by the thin excuses that will occur on May 22, 2011 when jesus for some reason decided not to return..... again.... for the 3,543 time. But for many others, it will be a small crack or a large crevice in their belief in an outdated man made religion. As most polls reveal, as the years pass, more and more people declare themselves as non-religious, agnostic or atheist.
I just watched a documentary called "Waiting for Armageddon" 3 filmmakers follow a group of fundies to Israel. Yes these people believe we are in the early stages of the end times right  now. The most interesting thing said in the whole movie came from Rabi Felix Rogin he said their sources indicate Jesus was a witch or sorcerer and had his eyes on the ladies and was not the greatest guy in the world. So there you go, I am not a believer but I'll trust a Jewish source over a Christian source regarding anything that has to do with Jesus or Christianity any day.


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