As we all should know one of the many beliefs of Christians (and it's sub sects) is that of The Rapture. A time where the 'Earth is cleansed of evil', where Jesus descends to destroy the anti-Christ and his army yadda yadda yadda... I trust you know the basic outline.


What most of us may be aware of as well is that may Christians believe we are currently in 'The End Times', i.e.. Wars and uprisings etc...


What I wanted to know is: What's your view on it? What's your take on their 'evidence'? And how do you argue back?


Thank you ~ Adam.

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Unfortunately Adam, what you said, is one of the bad concepts of the theists whom belong to the Abrahamic religions.

The Abrahamic God is the most dangerous one among all other Gods..

Unfortunately under the current circumstances nowadays in the Middle East "revolutions"
Funny and sad,  Middle Eastern are gossiping right now about this issue!!!

Muslims are now waiting for the Mahdi who will help them in thier revolutions as well as fighting with Jesus Christ against the Antichrist> according to thier belief.


And how do you argue back?

Do not take  prophecies seriously cuz many of them didn't come a reality at all.

I can hardly wait   I'm 85 & ready to meet, or not meet whoever /  whatever, with equal indifference.
There is nothing to argue back. Its a stupid belief. Why would I argue about prophecy with a christian when I don't believe in their book or their god.

I try not to worry about it too much. There's always someone saying that we're in the end times. If the rapture occurred every time someone said that it was going to, the world would have ended at least once a year for the last couple thousand years.

It's simply not worth the thinking about.

Well, yes. Except that I think what we're discussing here is the the idea the EVERYTHING will end in one predetermined moment.

You mean, they are teaching children [are you rapture ready] ?!

then, I'll assume that Westerns are more religious the Middle Easterns!!!

Yes, they teach their children this. I was taught this crap at a young age and it caused nothing but stress and fear. Every once in a while someone will write a book about when it is going to happen. I remember in 1988 there was a book called 88 Reasons in 88. I heard about how the Soviet Union was keeping tanks in Mexico just across the boarder and was planning to cone across the boarder into TX and start attacking. Since I live in Texas this was very stressful as a child.


The funny thing is that these people pick and chose scripture because Mathew 24:36 says New International Version (©1984)
"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Muslims prophecies

Laugh with me here,


Jesus Christ (whom the Moslems call Hadhrat Isa or Isa ibn Maryam, the Messiah of Guidance) also figures prominently in Muslim prophecy.

Isa (Jesus) will appear during the lifetime of Imam Mahdi. He will descend from heaven on a cloud (or supported by two angels). He will land among a righteous group of 800 men and 400 women. He will be of medium build, red-faced, with hair that appears wet. Isa will carry two flexible swords and a shield, with which he will destroy Dajjal at the Gate of Hudd in the valley of Ifiq; otherwise, at Baad Lud (Lydda). Then the final war with the Jews will begin; the Believers will be the victors. Isa will "break the cross" and "kill the swine". Thereafter, all wars will end, including Jihad, and people will return to their own countries. Peace will be on the Earth, and there will be an abundance of crops. People will worship one God. Isa will marry, have children, and live thus for another 19 years (40 years total). There will be no illness or death for a period of 40 years. All venom will be removed from poisonous insects and animals, nor will animals harm anyone. The earth shall be so fertile that even if a seed is planted in a rock, it will sprout there. Fruit will grow to huge size. There will be so much milk that a single camel, cow or goat will feed a tribe.

Note, Isa= Jesuse

         Dajaal= Antichrist

         Mahdi= Muslim ruler



Wow.. that's seems just a tiny bit less crazier than the Christian one imho. Any other major belief gone plat out and promised us unicornhorns or something?

Unrelated: The sword made me immediately think about the Indiana Jones scene.

If you REALLY believe all this, i own a bridge in Pittsburgh leading to the South hills that I'll sell you cheap. You can make a fortune turning it into a toll bridge.
Just talked to Lehman Bros. They'd fund that. ;)
If I had the 'say' of it, there would be some investigations & indictments of people in Lehman Bros  top people as well as the Wall Street 'malefactors who perpetrated this monstrous fraud on the American people


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