Just thought I would toss this out there for discussion. This person is obviously very confused.

Source: http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/05/creepiest_christian_comm...

"Atheists always use rape as an argument for justifying killing because they want to justify abortion.
But is rape really that bad? It's a horrible experience but you get over
it with time. If you use it to justify murder you're never going to get
over it. Imagine you have a painful divorce. Would you murder your
children after because they remind you of your ex husband? Of course
not. I think any woman would easily tell you that a painful divorce is
worse than rape but it's not an excuse to kill your baby, so why is

Christian women can also take a lot more than atheist women. Maybe this
is part of the reason that atheists get so hung up about this. Christian
women can turn to Christ or worship God in their hearts and endure
great suffering. I'm not belittling it but think about it, no amount of
suffering from rape is as great as the suffering our Lord suffered on
the cross for our sins. You are the one who has to ask more true
Christian women about this. You're out of touch and trying to make a big
deal out of something just for shock value."

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As an atheist, I've never advocated rape as justification for abortion -- I usually find simply not wanting to have a baby is enough reason, nevermind how it was conceived.

Pregnancy from rape practically never happens anyway, there's really no point in permitting abortion only in that instance.
Adriana, I don't feel "bashed" -- I didn't think it necessary to actually cite data in this case since it seemed obvious that the chances of getting pregnant from an isolated instance of rape would be small.

Why? A woman only releases one egg a month. It's only viable for 24hrs. Therefore, it's only accessible to sperm in a 3-4 day window. This makes a woman fertile approximately only 10% of the time. Assuming rape is random and not more likely to occur during a woman's ovulation, this means there is a 90% chance that pregnancy CANNOT occur from a rape. If you add in the chances of sex actually resulting in pregnancy you've now actually reduced your pregnancy potential to even less.

In any case, in my original post I was thinking of rape in a more isolated infrequent context than consistent sexual abuse. Obviously if a woman is being raped on a regular basis over a lengthy time period, the chances of her getting pregnant will increase.

A fertile couple that is having sex regularly has an 80-90% chance of becoming pregnant within one year -- a far cry from the 5% in the 3 year study you cited.
I don't actually think a 5% pregnancy rate from rape is significant (even if the researchers do). It means 95% of the time rape doesn't result in pregnancy. I think my point that pregnancy from rape practically never happens is intact.

I guess I was supposed to cite all my numbers for this post. Um, I think they can be found in virtually any physiology textbook or you can as an MD.
I'm honestly afraid to meet a person like this. I'm afraid of what I would do to him/her. I would most likely end up in jail. I don't think I could control my reaction.

My daughter was raped and I know what it did to her. That was many years ago but I still dream of having my hands around that mother-fucker's throat and making him suffer the way he made my baby suffer (and undoubtedly still suffers). I keep my hunting knives sharp and my hammers handy.

Sorry for the rant, but this is one of my few 'buttons'. I have a really special place in my heart for rapists...and it's dark and angry.
Turning to an imaginary force in times of trouble doesn't really mean a Christian person "can take" more. It actually means they can only endure suffering by becoming delusional as a coping mechanism. Atheist people can and do endure just as much pain and suffering and they cope with it through the support and love of other human beings as well as through the strength of their own human character.

As far as using rape to justify murder, abortion is not murder and needs no justification. Rape is a despicable act and you must be a sick person for thinking it's "not so bad".
Strong point on the imaginary force and ability to "take it". How many Atheist groups have gotten together to commit suicide when the world wasn't what they wanted? Compare that to religions and their history of group suicides.
"no amount of suffering from rape is as great as the suffering our Lord suffered on
the cross for our sins."

There have been untold numbers of people who have suffered far and above what Christ is reported to have experienced.
No kidding, right. Certainly nobody wishes for death by crucifixion, but people seem to ignore the fact that so, so many people have been brutally tortured in even more painful and tormenting ways for over longer periods of time.
Not to mention that none of them went on to rule the universe after three days of being dead.
Yep... Jesus had it relatively easy by comparison. Anyone who doesn't believe this just needs to do a little research on their own.
Rape is second only to murder when judgment is rendered by the courts. Some people may not see how big of a deal it is but, luckily, our judicial system does. Too bad it isn't easier to catch them and prove it.
I bet that if this person was raped she/he would change their mind.I wonder what she/he has to say about the sexual abuse by priests.
It's such a tired argument to equate abortion with murder. If the person whom wrote this happens to come along and see this, lay out why think abortion is murder in the eyes of God. Be aware, I'm gonna put a Cleveland Steamer in the mix and show you where he prescribes abortion.


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