Since I began my journey away from religion, whenever a religious song (not a hymn or even worship, just religious) pops into my shuffle I've begun to immediately skip it. I can't bring myself to get rid of them because I love the music, but the message just irks me now.

I'm just curious if anyone still listens to their Christian music just for the love of the music. It feels sort of hypocritical for me to listen to it and enjoy it but I mean it is just music.

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I understand the sense of what you mean. I listen to all sorts of music and depending on my mood it could be Motorhead or Mozart. I love old choral music all of which is inspired and influenced by religious devotion. I don’t have a problem with that because I see it as one aspect of what is beautiful about the human experience. It is art which comes from the inner essence of what one human creates and yet speaks to all of us universally. I think you probably agree or would you not have deleted them from the shuffle by now? Here is a present for you though I do prefer it without reading the translation as it spoils it a bit. Bet it will be on the shuffle soon!! It also confuses Theists when I introduce them to it, usually around Easter - :-)

There is a good story behind it if interested wiki


I too listen to many, many different types of music (including choral). That's a wonderful way to think about it! Yes, I agree... I think since my deconversion is relatively recent and I'm not out of the closet per se I resent Christianity a bit so I want no part of it, lol. I'll get over it, I'm sure.

And ahh! I love the song you linked! Thank you! it is definitely in the shuffle! ;D

I agree with it's just music. I never really cared for Christain music before I realized I was an Atheist. Of course, I lived and thought as an Atheist long before I ever realized it. However, I used to love Christmas music and whatnot. I now no longer listen to any of that, but I also no longer celebrate Christmas either. But if you don't have a problem with it, then do so. There are no prescribed rules of Atheism.

I do love Christmas music too and 2012 will be my first year as an atheist (at least that I was willing to admit it to myself) so it will certainly be interesting.

I can see how that might be amusing (and annoying), lol. I was always in choirs in school so I love choral music which also tends to be very... gospel-inspired.

No I don't. I like to listen to music I can relate to, I can't relate to religious music especially Christian music. I have actually deleted a few of Green Day's songs from my iPhone. They are just too preachie in my opinion.

Well that's part of it for me, I s'pose... But then again I can't relate to orchestral music either in any way other than that it makes me happy to hear it. There have been a few songs I've deleted because their significance was mainly in the lyrics rather than the music and they annoyed me to no end.

Some Christian music is really good and brings back fond memories of growing up.  Why ignore beauty just because it's full of brainwashing nonsense?  I sing some Christian songs to my kids at night because they are nice and I remember all the words - "We Three Kings", "Silent Night", The "Gloria Patri", "Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore", etc.  But when they ask if God is real, I ask them if the Easter Bunny is real, if Santa is real, etc.  I never give them a full answer because I want them to figure it out on their own.

It is! Not all Christian music is hymnal as I'm sure many believe. My parents listened to Petra when I was growing up so it's nostalgic for me and I love rock music. It's good music! If only the lyrics didn't have to suck. lol

I just kind of expect that if any theist hears me listening to it they'll say, "That's about God you know!" -.- Ah, stfu.

Saw Petra, Daniel Amos (pre-country) and Sweet Comfort Band in concert back in the day. Even pulled cable for Servant at one show. Good times for sure!

But I have to say, even then, i had a hard time listening to christian radio - so much of the music was just inferior quality. It's a problem I've seen in churches in general - like it's ok to be mediocre as long as you're mediocre for christ!

lol! That last sentence really cracks me up. Sounds like an awesome bumper sticker!

Petra's awesome, but I'm sure the most of that comes from nostalgia. Same with Amy Grant's old Christian stuff... I mean I have memories of that stuff playing when I was a toddler! Very happy times, I guess.

But yeah, as much as I love it the lyrics tend to rub me the wrong way now. :/ Luckily I love secular bands like the Foo Fighters immensely more, so I have those anyway, lol

I love Jesus Walks by Kanye West and that song came out quite a few years after I decided religion could blow me. I like a bunch of religiously inspired music but can't think of anymore right now.


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