Since I began my journey away from religion, whenever a religious song (not a hymn or even worship, just religious) pops into my shuffle I've begun to immediately skip it. I can't bring myself to get rid of them because I love the music, but the message just irks me now.

I'm just curious if anyone still listens to their Christian music just for the love of the music. It feels sort of hypocritical for me to listen to it and enjoy it but I mean it is just music.

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At first, I hated going into the Cook-Out restaurant or Zaxby's because they played that music. I hated being in the car with my mom. But eventually, I was able to listen to some sort-of neutral bands I used to adore like Skillet or Flyleaf without absorbing certain messages. I got to re-experience my childhood in a positive way. I can even find joy in songs like "Sigh No More" by Mumford & Sons without having to click away. It was a process for me. At first, I had to cut myself off cold turkey.

Initially, yes, it severely bothered me, but mostly because it brought back bad memories. Also I started to really pay attention to the lyrics for the first time ("...from the earth to the grave, to the grave to the sky, Lord I lift your name on high..." I never realized how morbid that sounded) But I had to get used to it, working in a Catholic hospital in the Bible belt, a lot of nurses listen to Christian music at the desk, and it's allowed. With therapy and time, you'll start to not care. It's still annoying, and I never found Christian music to be audiably pleasing, except in rare cases like a catchy Stacie Orrico or Rebecca St. James song, but I haven't listened to either of them since I left Christianity behind.



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