The title says it all... I'm just curious as to what people on here thought now that it's officially over.

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We picked up the first metro stop from 95 south. When I saw the line in the parking lot which took several hours to get through, I knew this was going to be even more epic than I had hoped. In case you haven't heard, the rally set a new metro ridership record with 825,437 in one day. Nearly HALF A MILLION more than a usual Saturday.

We couldn't get anywhere near the actual stage. We heard a bit of the show but the crowd was packed like sardines even a mile away in every direction and none of us were brave enough to climb the statues, trees, or port-o-potties like everyone else was doing so we could barely even see the big screens. I had to come home and watch clips to see what actually happened. My only complaint was the opening act music was BEYOND TERRIBLE.

Loved the crowd. Loved the witty signs. Loved all the older people there. OMG OZZY! HA! Loved how everyone was making their own fun in every nook, cranny, and small clearing they could find. I had a couple fsm sightings and there were so many atheist signs! The atmosphere was amazing and it was so worth the trip. My only regret was not making it to the meetup after, but the show started late and we figured it would take 6 hours to get home on the metro if we left any later so we bolted. It was a good decision.

My very right wing brother asked me yesterday, "so what the hell was the point of that whole thing?" and then went on to say things which implied he's a Glenn Beck fan and doesn't realize Stephen Colbert is a character. I shook my head and told him it was an inside joke and he wouldn't understand.
Here's a link if anyone is interested in seeing some pictures of signs from the rally

May favorites were:
- I may disagree with you but I probably won't step on your head.
- It's a sad day when our politicians are comical and I have to take our comedians seriously.
- Down with zippers!
- I masturbate and I vote (but usually not at the same time).
- Homophobia is so gay.
- Man up and pay your taxes.
- Tea parties are for little girls.
- I have no problem paying taxes because I'm an adult and that's part of the deal.
- War isn't free pay your taxes tea baggers.
- I think therefore I'm not Glenn Beck.
- God hates figs Mark 11:12-14
- I can see my backyard from my house.
- Zombie holding a poster saying: What do we want: brains! When do we want it: brains!


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