The title says it all... I'm just curious as to what people on here thought now that it's officially over.

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I caught some of it streamed through CNN, but only th last hour or two. It looked like a fun time and I think it is a nice counter to Glenn Beck style fear mongering rallies.
There is a TA meet up Going on NOW:

"For all people that plan to attend meet-up after the rally, we have a reservation under Morgan Matthew in the Gold Room at 21st amendment bar and grill at 4pm. It is inside the Holiday Inn. Morgan and Cara are already here (Morgan is wearing a black hat & black pea coat; Cara is wearing a white coat with a fur lined hood).

Hope to see you there!"

Pass it on.... Tell them Dan Sent ya.
A bit lacking. I expected that they couldn't go overboard with politics and had to keep it aligned with their comedy. The opening priest could have at least referenced pagans/wiccans and atheists.

Kid Rock song was meh. It had the words left & right in it, and an appeal to social issues, but failed to be fitting as advertised.

Colbert's interruptions occurred too frequent for my taste - during their "debate" they missed an opportunity at showing that interuption at obvious triggerwords doesn't have to be, but could've staged a more meaningful exchange, instead.

His ending speech was pretty good, but he could've been a tad more blunt. (And I wish, Colbert would've said a few words there, too.)

Overall, a bit too cheesy. But I'm not in the targetted demographic.

Media reaction will be key & interesting, though.
I understand that it was ok for the role, still - a Monty Python "Witch?!" moment, or being appalled at the possibility of heathens... maybe something like that could've worked.

Don't get me wrong, overall I liked it, it was their usual comedy. Maybe I was looking for a little bit more punch?
My thoughts on it were a little mixed... Overall it would have been fun to attend.

I didn't like the song by John Legend and the Roots and I definitely do not like Kid Rock at all .... so yeah the music left a lot to be desired and I also didn't appreciate how many time god was mentioned.

The banter between Stewart and Colbert was entertaining and I appreciated the the speech by Stewart at the end and I loved reading the signs people brought. My favorite sign that was shown on C-SPAN read Nothing scares a zombie except Glenn Beck."
Loved it! Was a little disappointed I couldn't meet up with T|A, but still a great time. It was good to see some signs with correct grammar and spelling too.
Oh, sorry, I started the same discussion and didn't see this.

I thought it was pretty good. I even enjoyed old Cat Stevens until I read a twitter that he endorsed the threats of killing Salmon Rushdie in the 80's. Kind of killed that peacetrain bit for me. But overall, it was good and Jon Stewart's speech at the end was very moving.
Good you brought up 'Cat Stevens' who embraced Islam a couple of decades ago. You might be interested to read this:

On Giving UP
By Nick Cohen
October 31, 2010

Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity yesterday featured Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens singing "Peace Train". Islam/Stevens previously showed his commitment to peace and sanity by saying that death was the appropriate punishment for Salman Rushdie's "blasphemy".

Read More Here:
Come on guys, they needed a song to go with the "train" joke! It's not like there a whole lot of songs with the word train in them...

Errr, nevermind.
Doone, I'm looking forward to your observations and I promise I won't be too envious that you were there! Woohoo for comedians!
Stewart and Colbert are the thorn in the side of what Jello Biafra rightly called the "punditocracy". Just got my free Turn Fox Off bumper sticker today.. WIN!

Can we sue Fox News for false advertising when Bill O'Reilly's show is called The No-Spin Zone?
where did you get the sticker from?


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