I am willing to concede that the refusal by Obama and Clinton to label these terrorists acts by ISIS as being examples of “radical Islam” if Republicans will also attack them for not admitting that the nine Crusades and the Inquisition were examples of “Radical Christianity.”  And shouldn’t they condemn the Serbians who perpetrated the most horrific ethnic cleansing since the Holocaust for being “Christian terrorists”?  And finally, doesn’t the fact that devout Lutheran, John List, slaughtered his whole family to please his God demand that Obama and Clinton demonize the entire Christian religion?

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Hiya Dale! Apparently sauce for the goose doesn't make sauce for the gander. History shows us that those in power who fear they're losing their grip, tend to demonize any cluster of people they can isolate that has current significance, create an us and them situation, and use fear and righteousness to reclaim their popular support.

Happened with the Greek Junta in 1974 and Cyprus, Argentina and the Falklands in 1982, and so on.

"It's not us, it's them!" Hate groups thrive, sadly.

Yes....religion is poison and the religious call each other peoples sky-God-cults toxic yet happily swallow their own poison while marketing it  to others as though its candy. You're right...total hippos

And, I read that in Africa, more people are killed by Hippos than any other animal.

Apparently, Hippos are the most dangerous beasts on earth.

Well, after the hypocritical theists. 

They've killed countless more people than Hippos.

I heard today that the US republicans wanted to pass a bill to only allow in CHRISTIAN Syrian refugees.

The republicans won't allow in the refugees at all because they are afraid that terrorists will pretend to be refugees in order to infiltrate the country.

Good thing it would be impossible to impersonate a Syrian Christian refugee...otherwise the republicans would be hypocrites too.

And, I read that in Africa, more people are killed by Hippos than any other animal.

Have the hippos been been recruited by Boko-Haram? 

The crusades were a response to Islamic aggression and expansion. Islam was pushing into Europe through North Africa. In fact, Europe would probably be mostly Islamic today if it wasn't for the crusades. 

The crusades were unsuccessful except for the first wave that caught the Muslims off guard, the hundreds of years afterwards were all military losses.

The muslims were not expanding into Europe militarily.  Some Moors, etc, were migrating, there was an exchange of culture, etc.  

History indicates that the Crusades were a proactive measure by the Vatican...not a defensive one.

This would be an example of radical christianity.


He conveniently skips the part where the Vatican attacked first....triggering a response.

He also counts raids for slaves, barbary pirates, etc, etc, as "Battles".

He left off where the crusaders initially had to GO TO fight/attack the Muslims...which was not at the border to defend Europe, etc.

He said the Dark Ages were not due to Germanic Hordes, which is true, but leaves off that it was due to the Church's control being at its tightest at that time.

He mentions the Black Plague as weakening Europe, which is true, and killing a 1/3 of the population, which is at least within the ranges history accepts...but doesn't mention that it was the Clergy's FAILURE to help when the Plague victims were dropping like flies, and that Christian Prayers, etc, did not work.

So, the Church's control over Europe drove it into the dark ages, they sent crusaders out because they had heard of islam and wanted to nip it in the bud so to speak...and a quest/war is always a good way to unite the sheeple in these dark times.

The crusaders caught the muslims off guard, as the muslims had no clue why they were under attack, initially thought that they could make some trade agreements, negotiate, and found that the crusaders were engaging in genocide, not traditional war to obtain goods, etc...they were simply killing every man woman and child they could find....no prisoners.

Islam rose up to fight back, and the crusaders never won a campaign again, they lost every subsequent campaign..because the muslims now knew that they could not negotiate, and that they were fighting for their lives...on their own turf.

The muslims then counter attacked...and, that's where the guy who likes to read thick books starts his story.

He leaves off the number of "battles" fought by islam BEFORE the crusades started.

So, yes, Islam has a part of it that encourages war and conquest in the name of Allah....the way christianity would do the same thing and claim conquests in the name of the christian gods.

The militarisation of Islam was a direct consequence of the Vatican making them fight or die.  The rhetoric needed to rally troops and demonize the enemy has a long term impact on a society.

If the enemy attacks in the name of their god, you essentially are fighting back in the name of yours....and, there were no islamic holy wars until they were attacked by the Vatican.

The Catholic Church caused the dark ages, and militarized Islam, and the plague did the rest, breaking the church's hold on the sheeple when they SAW the ineffectiveness of the church in protecting them.

When the battle hardend muslims showed up, and BEAT the christian forces "who had god on their side", the side that won is an easier sell as to WHO'S god is better.

That makes conversion a lot easier.

So, christians say they are going to kill everyone who is not christian, the muslims say they will killl everyone who is not a muslim....and you, the dark ages peasant, etc, has to choose...and you typically choose the side you think will let you keep your head.

The plague abates, finally, and, the church has lost the tight control it once had, and, industry, the arts, technology, science, blossom, and we have the Rennaisance, which carries that part of the world to new heights of acheivement...and which is a direct cause of modern society looking as it does today.


  It's obvious. politicians pander to Christians because christians vote.


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