I cannot get my head around people who use this term, & often look at them with a confused expression when I hear 'rest in peace'. What do people mean by this, & why do they feel they need to say it? 

To me & probably all of you, its an empty phrase, meaningless. But still, its branded about more than Angry Birds.

How do you feel with this phrase? & how do you react to it socially? Are you offended by it? Have you never really thought about it? 

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I'm open to it. It kind of makes me think of the last moments of life, as you give up the struggle and slip into the void.

It means I need to lose a couple of pounds and buy another pair of pants --

I saw RIP many times and for years before realizing it was an abbreviation. I only knew that for some reason, it means 'dead'. I usually visualize it on a tombstone; it's just another cliche to me, with a long history.

What I object to more is the space that a gravesite requires. I'd rather see ashes in a used Starbucks paper cup, with RIP and a name written on it for humerous effect.

(... and a check mark in the Decaff box.)

I agree about the waste of space. That's part of why I donated my body to science. When they're done with me, my body will be cremated. The only way I'm happy with whole body burials is when they are casket free and the earth is allowed to freely feast upon the remains (where legal).

Sadly a Starbucks paper cup would hardly offer enough container space. Three to four lbs of ash for most cremation remains. Not much to speek of, since it looks like wood ash with a few bone chips thrown in, but thats about it. If you did not know better, you might accidently think it was dry cement.

Whats nice about it, is the amount of calcium phosphate and trace elements. It is little alkaline due to the sodium/potassium/calcium/magnesium oxides that go to hydroxides on contact with water. A fairly good soil amendment for trace elements, pH buffering, and phosphate.

We have spread cremation remains on our property here a few times now, for friends and family. A little of Mom made rather good tomatos two years ago. Thanks Mom.....;p(    

Now that's cool. I did tell my kids once they could spread me around a flower or vegetable bed, which would give more back to nature than (say) being mixed into someone's concrete patio. But I'll probably donate myself to science, or maybe I'll be worth a few bucks on CraigsList?

I don't use it, even when burying a dead cat.

I have used 'God speed', once, but what does that mean. Is the dead cat going to get up and move a little faster after I said it?

'I loved you, thank you for your fellowship, Sweetie'. My oldest cat is getting close. 'Sweetie' has been with me since 1997, just after my father died. We have been through some real hell at times. It a matter of time now... 

Sorry to hear about your kitty. :(  We lost one of ours last year, so I know how you feel.

'Sweetie', still sits in my lap as she feels like it, but must establish a pecking order with our two puppies that are about 10x bigger than she is. The puppies are truely respectiveful of her, since she has a very sharp and fast business end. Atleast one other cat and family dog have come away with face abcesses after a 'Sweetie' encounter. Our puppies react explosively to 'Sweetie' if she generates that rather wonderful but ominous 'sizzling' sound, very similar to a cobra snake. 

Our mother, before she died, did not quite discover the happy balance between 'Sweetie' space, and Mom space. Over a few years, Mom started to accumulate hand scars, and a few times we needed to bandage Mom up after an encounter.

Our male cat, 'Mr. Baker',  gives 'Sweetie' a wide birth also, no sense in teasing fate I expect. The puppies use our male cat as a chase toy, with no negative effect.

About once a day, our livingroom can be a battle ground, 'Sweetie' hissing, puppies trying to get away through the dog door, and 'Mr. Baker' looking for a closet to hide in. I expect that she does this so she has a lose human lap to sleep in undisturbed. 

Sadly 'Sweetie' has no interest in JW or Morman visitors, a 'slice and dice' might be interesting.... 


I like that name, "Sweetie", under the circumstances - it must lull newcomers into a false sense of security...

When she was younger, she was rather the charmer. Age and crowding has frosted her socialization skills. The 'false sense of security' is equal for all of us here. Happily, 'Sweetie' likes her cardboard box to sleep in, as if she is letting us off the hook. 

My wife loves animals, as I, but a little less so, due to practical issues. Sometimes it is hard to find couch space for sitting or reading. The puppies can fill our double rocker with 115 lbs of warm snugglys, with no desire to share without a tickle fight.The dogs have more places to sleep than I do...  


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