I cannot get my head around people who use this term, & often look at them with a confused expression when I hear 'rest in peace'. What do people mean by this, & why do they feel they need to say it? 

To me & probably all of you, its an empty phrase, meaningless. But still, its branded about more than Angry Birds.

How do you feel with this phrase? & how do you react to it socially? Are you offended by it? Have you never really thought about it? 

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Whenever I hear that or even say that saying, I give the implication "Rest In Peace = I hope grave robbers don't dig up the body and steal everything" or even "I hope no one does anything to the body" in general. Still waiting to read about the ventriloquist in the mortuary followed by the body being dug up and ransacked....

Rest in Peace is OK by me, as most people are buried, and it is all good, especially after a difficult death, or the person has been in a lot of pain. I am sending my body to a University, so the doctors can practice operations on me, BUT I will pray for you and god bless realllly cheese me off, and say don't worry about it, I am an atheist, and that is good fun.

It's annoying to hear people say it...

Yoda once told me "In god I believe not, may the schwartz be with you". But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

If I have a tombstone to put that on I won't care. I'd like to be cremated. But if I happen to be under a tombstone I don't/won't care. I won't care about the connotation and I don't even have to think about that now. I won't have to think about it because it doesn't make a difference.

 "People might think I was religious" I don't/won't care.

RIP doesn't sound right for a cremation!  There's something about those flames.... :)

All my family were or will be cremated.  None of us has, or will have tombstones. I have always considered a tombstone as something for the living, to provide them with comfort and to enable them to deal with the absence of a person who was in their lives; a kind of "cardboard cut-out" replacement. As we don't believe in "presence after absence", we just remember our loved ones and bring them back to us by talking about things they did or said in their lives that we can point at to relive the warmth of the place they held in our 'hearts'.

I've used it in the past when I was religious. To me, it has an underlying message that the "soul" remains after our bodies die. Now, we can't know for sure that when we die the energy that makes up our consciousness doesn't continue being conscious -- but we can't know it does either.

Bottom line, it seems harmless and likely meaningless.

I never have liked it partly because when I was a small child, before I learned about abbreviations and would see it on a gravestone i just thought it was saying rip as in rip paper.  I know that is a silly reason not to like it but to me seeing that always makes me think what a crappy thing to put on a gravestone.  Aside from that it is so unoriginal  and it's nonsense.  The person is dead not resting. 


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