I'm curious to hear people's responses.  


If someone asks you to pray for victims of a tragedy, take for instance the tornado in Missouri yesterday, how do you respond?  


Usually I just keep quiet, but maybe some of you have witty/effective responses.

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In a way I feel like I would if a junkie asked em to fix up with them. I mean, I am not going to, and I am going to say so, but the context matters here. Are they pestering me about it? I might go off on a rant. Are they trying, in their miserable way, to be friendly? I might just say 'no thanks, I don't use.' Are they desperate for human interaction at a basic level? I might offer a cup of coffee and talk instead. Are they talking to a room full of other junkies and I just happen to be there? I might just smile and go get a sandwich. Which, considering my weight, could be worse than the fix.

Rarely do I find a junkie looking to debate about their addiction, though. To start one may be a hoot, but is probably in bad form and ultimately counterproductive. As far as pithy responses, I like "it's your god's fucking plan. He will do what he wants anyway. Just praise him for it and move on."
Um. Tell them that you'll send money to the local relief organization instead because that actually helps.

My husband likes to point out how people live in these places that are known for this or that brand of natural disaster, then freak out when they happen.  I mean, we get that people will live wherever and we don't belittle the tragedy of lives lost and other such devastation, but...  You did plant yourselves there.


As for how I respond, I usually ignore requests for prayer or answer with, "I will think good thoughts for them."

Really?  That seems a bit callous.  It reminds me of people who blame rape victims for dressing in a provocative manner.  I live in St. Louis and have never felt that I or the people in my community would deserve calamity if a tornado were to run through my neighborhood, as one did on Good Friday.  But, I guess it is easiest to blame victims.

So, now your only choice is to leave your husband and come live with me in tornado alley!

"Instead of praying for them is there a way I can actually help them?"
"Which god would you like for me to pray to?"
"What, and mess with God's plan? Never!"
It usually depends on who says it. If it's close friends, it's usually not said. If it's on Facebook I roll my eyes. If it's family (Mine are mostly Christians) I generally give the cult leader an evil glare and save my words for my atheist/agnostic/on the fence siblings. Unless provoked I'm not going to tell someone how they should do something.


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