I'm curious to hear people's responses.  


If someone asks you to pray for victims of a tragedy, take for instance the tornado in Missouri yesterday, how do you respond?  


Usually I just keep quiet, but maybe some of you have witty/effective responses.

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Pray to a god that caused the tornado in the first place? Hrrrrrm. . . .
I will keep them in my thoughts. Simple, honest and respectful.
I usually point them in the direction of where they can donate to the American Red Cross.

I tend to say I'll be wishing them well and trying to do something to help. Not sure it's quite the right time to rub their faces in the fact they're begging for help from the one that supposedly caused it, or at least allowed it.


If asked to pray for the victims, though it may sound callous, I know I would respond (and have) "No, but is there anything useful I can do?"
Ha! My thoughts exactly.
I would tell them I do not believe in prayer, but I will donate time or money to the Red Cross
My response is simple. Pray to whom? To God? If he were omnipresent,all powerful and all merciful, why did he allow it happen to them? Why couldn't he have stopped it if he was omnipresent and all powerful? Or perhaps he allowed it to happen so we  could pray to him to save their souls? The question is; if he cannot save them can he save their souls? You see how illogical the belief of his existence is?
I usually just mention that I am donating to the Red Cross/Doctors Without Borders/etc to help out. Never even acknowledge the prayer request. If they push it, then I'll say that I am more concerned with actually helping than making a show of caring.
Oh, wow.  I saw your response only after I posted mine.  You really are my twin, evil as you may be.  Seriously, next time you are in the States, let's see if the Universe explodes upon a handshake between us.
Generally I keep quiet, but I think I'll be using Jason's response from now on.
Feel free, I stole it.


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