Regarding settings, language, and some other stuff around TA. Can ADMIN or other Mods pitch in and fill in my ignorance here for the benefit of a new member? Thanks in advance!

1) What makes something "my" event? (Something I've RSVP'd yes to, something I've created, or another criteria?)

2) Who sees "Latest Activity"? (Anyone who has permission to see my profile page?)

3) What is an "item" (as referred to in the settings options for Latest Activity)? For that matter, what isn't an item? (I assume comments aren't, since they have their own ticky-box.)

4) When does "anyone" mean "anyone on ThinkAtheist" and when does it mean "anyone on the internet"? (F'rinstance, the options for who can leave comments on a blog jumps from "anyone" to "just friends", but I was required to be a member of ThinkAtheist before I could leave a comment on someone else's blog -- so in that one setting, at least, "anyone" means "member"? But in another setting, "anyone" and "member" are distinct levels.)

5) Re email settings, if I don't have things sent to my email, is there a way to send them to my ThinkAtheist inbox instead? (Which is curiously empty, despite all the email I've been getting this morning.)

6) Does "whole network" mean ThinkAtheist, or is a network yet another structure within ThinkAtheist?

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1. Your event is something you created.

2. You can set your privacy settings here. By default when a new user signs up it is set up to display all Latest Activity.

3. I am assuming the "This setting can be overridden for individual items." This means that, blogs, photos and videos that you set are to only be seen by you, but you have the option to to set it to public.

4. I will look into this.

5. I will also look into this.

6. The whole network means the whole site. But to be clear. Where are you looking at "whole network"?
Thanks Morgan!
1. Anyone means anyone who can join the network can comment or view the content. You do need to sign in to the network to add content, including comments.

2. You will still receive messages to your inbox on ThinkAtheist. The notification/settings page just adjust what you get notified for in your primary email account. There are some things you might get notified for that won't have an associated message in your message center. You should however have indicators of new content or friend requests for example. It isn't possible to have notifications get sent to your message center at this point, due to the overlap that would occur.


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