Is it true that a girl is supposed to act like she isn't that interested so that a guy will remain interested? Does this cat and mouse game still work?

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lol, I used to become obsessed but not dangerously obsessed.  I had issues, probably more than most guys would.  Now I'm definitely different and I don't put much if any at all emotions into a girl unless I'm positive she like me back.  

"I'm not interested AT ALL...lose my number and never call me again!!!!"

Probably a bit too harsh :P

Heck, my mom had me scared of women.

Then Ma and Pa Nature started the testosterone flowing and it took over.

I'm 82 and its flow has all but stopped. I now have A-cup boobs and I'm again scared of women.

Jae Tracie is a saleswoman and her enthusiasm attracts subscribers. Who are they? What do they need? What will they pay? I hope they will get what they need.

I'm not so sure about her "Be the kind of person you want to attract".

For instance. With the GI Bill I was the first in my immediate family to go to college. I started at the local two-year college. While in the Navy I'd been half a world away from my parents and their values, but at the university 150 miles away I started realizing I was leaving their socio-economic class and moving toward another--that of my fellow students. I was however taking with me some of the former me.

Back to Tracie's "Be the kind of person you want to attract", which is more easily said than done.

Hm-mm, I could write a short memoir but won't.

Be you and be happy. Whether or not you meet someone you can be happy with, you'll be closer to a heaven than any theists will get.

BTW, get as much good sex as you can.

Belle, here's an incident much like the one you described above. The details differ but the ways men and women communicate are all but identical.

A woman I know (Call her Louise) said yesterday that a man she knows was rude to a man she likes. I've known her for years and have done committee work with her. With facial expression and repetition, she does "indignant" well.

Here are the details. Two men I know have said they will run for election to a position that’s much like that of a small town mayor. The filing date is six weeks away and the law says campaigning can start then. One of the two men started campaigning two weeks ago and the other complained to the Elections Board.

The Elections Board chairman and both candidates met yesterday. Louise was in an adjoining office and overheard the conversation.

At lunch she told me and another man (Call him Ken) that the Elections Board chairman was rude to the man she said she has said she will vote for.

I was once a workaholic and got over it by learning how to delegate. I’m wary of the neurosis. (If you're not sure if workaholism is a neurosis, check Wikipedia.)

Be warned; I talk politics frankly. I'm assertive, not bitchy.

I’ve known one of the two men for several years and I asked him if he’s a workaholic. He right away told me he knows how to delegate. He and I talk the same language.

I met the other man several weeks ago when I spoke with him about joining a publications committee he wants to form. I told him my time is limited and he, as if bragging, said he’s a workaholic. I decided I didn’t want to join his committee.

At lunch, when Louise told me the Elections Board chairman had been rude to the man she wanted to win the election, I told her what he’d told me: he’s a workaholic.

Ken entered the conversation, asking me “So what if he’s a workaholic?”

I start telling my reason for being wary of workaholics and Ken disagrees. It’s a good-natured disagreement and we joke about kicking each other under the table.

The conversation turns to other subjects. We finish eating and leave.

Several hours later I realized why Louise had thought the Election Board chairman had been rude. She would have spoken more gently.

Belle, boys are taught to compete. Men who want something don’t hear gentle and will ignore it. The guy who didn’t hear your “No” wanted something. He heard gentle and ignored it.


Well, I haven't read any other replies here, just your question - And imo, it makes a girl look incredibly immature and young and naive if they act this way.  GOD FORBID they show a bit of interest. 

That's one reason why I've become more blunt and obvious around girls.  Tbh, it has creeped out some at bars when i walk up and jsut say 'Hey I think  you're beautiful, I'm single , let's talk' - And others love the straightforwardness.  

So I've stopped caring what they think about me, and I just tell them straight up that I'm interested.  If they are interested as well, great - if not, great.  But I'm definitely not going to waste my time on a girl who acts disinterested.  HUGE turn off to me.  

I heard a discussion on a cable show where a guy who reputedly got laid several times a week used the technique of simply chatting up a girl briefly in a meat market bar and then asking "Wanna fuck?" He said it worked about one time in thirty.

I worked with young women almost entirely for a few years and sometimes one would say she had a job interview coming up for a job she really wanted. My daughter was grown up but I would sometimes take a quasi-fatherly role with these girls and here's the advice I would give:

"Dress mildly sexy so as to show off your feminine assets. Just a bit of cleavage, plenty of leg but not in a skirt so short you don't dare to bend over, and tight enough to show off your ass." (These girls were girls who did modeling so talking this frankly didn't shock them at all and certainly wasn't inappropriate in the context.)

I'd also tell them, "Give a firm handshake while looking into their face. Also, you're presenting yourself as a woman, not a girl, so no giggling, no talking in a high register, and don't make statements inflected like questions, which is a sign of doubt and weakness. It makes you sound unsure of yourself. Whether you're attracted to the person interviewing you or repulsed, don't give it away. You are probably being tested."

As for the dressing sexy part, if she protested that she wanted to get a job on her merits and not her physical appearance, I'd tell her that the males competing against her would use everything in their arsenal: talking sports, military service, etc. She should not give up whatever advantage she has because they would give her no quarter.


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