Are pedophiles born, like gays, or made in some fashion?

I have read that some pedophiles claim that their attraction to children dates back to their first glimmers of sexuality. 

If pedophiles are born and not made, then is treating them like criminals the right approach? Should they be treated more like, oh, alcoholics. Alcoholics got the substance abuse gene, the pedophiles got the "kids turn me on" gene.

Also, before anyone abuses the word "pedophile," it technically refers to someone who's sexually attracted to young children, pre-pubescents, generally about 13 and younger, though not all children develop at the same rate. Someone who has sex with a 16 year old is a "statutory rapist."

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There's an old saw to the effect that men go into a marriage hoping their wife will never change, and women go into it hoping their husband will.  Both are disappointed.

Thanks Steve, I was looking for exactly that saying.

Unseen, that's such a load of bollocks, if there were truth in that, there would be no homosexual male couples.

Two replies. First, homosexual and heterosexual males are different in more ways than just their sexual preferences. Second, I used the word "general" intentionally and in the hope readers like you would notice it. 

So, not bollocks.

Men and women are quite different GENERALLY SPEAKING. Example, one of the thickest magazines on the magazine rack is BRIDE magazine. You probably won't find a GROOM magazine there at all, but if you want to know what such a magazine would be like, go here


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