My question is about masturbation as i find is my weakest link, specially regarding the argument that masturbating thinking in women or with images of women is degrading to them by converting them into a sex object. Argument to  which i hypocritically agree. My questions are, is this argument reasonable? are there other ways to approach that action? Is there a proper rebuttal besides the slippery-slope of "If it is not with woman, guys will start looking for pictures of animals or ..."?

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It may have something got to do with the Pro-life movement which could be motivated by a passage in the book of Genesis about wasting seed

Genesis 38:9  

"But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his. So whenever he went in to his brother's wife he would waste the semen on the ground, so as not to give offspring to his brother"

It certainly is an uber-extreme version of Pro-life, but I have heard this argument before from them. 

And in answer to your question. The same thing they do with any other feeling in which contradicts their faith, they oppress it. Another of many reasons why I am against many religions. Its a danger to the mind. 

Well I am a lesbian, and I guess I am what most religously inclined Americans would consider a feminist but I have no problem with men or women thinking about me (i do have a good figure and am told a lovely bum!)as they masturbate if that is what they wish to do, as long as they keep the thoughts buried inside their head. I am certainly in no position to tell anyone not to masturbate when I consider it one of life's essentials and thoroughly enjoy the practice myself. In fact I would go so fat as to say that without it none of my four children would make it pass their toddler years, mama needs her little "unwinding habit" after they have spent the entire day day doing nothing but wind me up !

Human sexuality is amazing, sex is lovely, orgasms are good for you ( I am a physiologist, trust me they really are)so go and enjoy masturbation without guilt and never apologise for enjoying it. I never cease to amaze myself at just how enjoyable and varied the female orgasm can be, not sure you men have the same scope but perhaps that is something for another discussion.
Judith vd R.

Masturbation is normal... and often even good for your mental health.  As for fantasizing about women... that's normal too. Even having fantasies about taboo sexual acts is normal. Fantasizing doesn't turn women into sex objects. What matters is the way you treat women around you in REAL life.



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