Do you think it's possible to achieve a world where everyone is an atheist?

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Actually, James, that doesn't sound like a bad life. I write, I paint, and there are a plethora of other things I would love to learn, if time permitted, including finding out what a plethora is.

But consider the flipside - you go to Heaven and spend eternity singing praises to a god so neurotic that he needs to hear himself continually praised - after a bit of that, I can assure you, that 476th garden plot would start to look pretty good. The wife wouldn't look so bad either --

Haha nice archaeopteryx. I personally believe the world will not become entirely atheistic until fear is removed entirely. I believe someone has said it already, but fear is what created religion. Fear and a lack of an explanation for the unknown. Instead of simply saying "i don't know what lightning is" the ancients said "zeus is pissed off at us because we didn't give him enough sacrifice".

The same holds true when the bible was written. "what happens after we die?" Instead of saying "i dont know" they said "There is a big sky daddy who will take care of you forever and you will be happy, but only if you are a good person, honor him" etc etc. 

Fear of the unknown will not be removed until we know everything. I don't believe we have the capacity to know everything there ever is to know. There will always be unknowns, unforeseen variables, and they will cause fear. As long as there is fear, there will be religion.

Josh - RE: "I believe someone has said it already, but fear is what created religion." - actually, I said it, I was quoting Petronius.

We may never know everything, but we can be encouraged by this:

"God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance, that gets smaller and smaller as time goes on."
-- Neil Degrasse Tyson --

I knew Beowulf was a book. I didn't know anyone worshipped it. And wasn't Beowulf the warrior? a mortal? Grendel was the monster.

Beowulf was a character in a legend, and she's saying that Mankind and his legends being what they are, we could well have wound up worshiping Beowulf, as opposed to a certain Jewish bachelor named Yeshua. Did you REALLY not get that, or are you being intentionally obtuse?

Wow, Alicia, with that intellectual diatribe, I can see why the God Squad threw you out! Where you come from, anything beyond, "God good! Man, bad!" is outside their vocabulary. You just didn't speak the same languge --

I wrote stuff like that when I was about 18.

In crayon --

Or was it oatmeal?

What difference would it make to you?

Oatmeal tastes better than crayon.

But not as good as that gooey white paste.

But that always sticks my lips together, and it doesn't come in lo-cal.


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