This is a heads up for my comrades on Think Atheist.  The government of the province of Quebec, Canada is contemplating legislation that will prohibit the display of all religious symbols in publicly owned venues and by civil servants while working. This MAY include, for example, a doctor who is a Sikh may not be allowed to wear his turban while working in the hospital (because there are few private hospitals in Canada).

Is this going too far? Fifty years ago Quebec was very Catholic. Now they are almost militantly secular. For Americans feeling the crush of the religious right, Quebec may be a refreshing change.

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When religious symbols stop being anything to care about, then it won't matter where they are displayed.  Whilst people still think that their religion defines them (more so than their real actual behaviour in the world) then they need the authority of the government to curtail their public displays.

If you think about it, there are more objections raised to public displays of affection (i.e. a couple kissing or holding hands in public) than to huge statues and images of a man writhing in agony on a 2,000 year old torture device.

It's a sad state of affairs when the age certification on a movie is lower for scenes of gratuitous violence and bloodshed than it is for portraying a loving act of sex.  We are immunised to sights of violence from a young age when children going to church get faced with huge images featuring a tortured man and are told to love him, but the act of love and procreation has been eliminated from the same 'story' by the 'virgin birth' assertion.

I need to stop before I get carried away on a rant :)


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