The festival of Diwali happens in India every year and people everywhere put up lights and it is considered beautiful and the same happens in the West starting a week from now till the end of December. Why on one hand we teach our kids to conserve energy and on the other hand we are so wasteful about it? Why do we add to pollution just because it is a tradition? 
Go on and tell me the reasons for your choice in light of global warming and waste of resources.

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We'll probably put a battery powered 'candle' in 3 or 4 windows, but that's probably it for holiday lights for us.
Why not switch to LED Christmas Lights?

Energy Savings

Energy Star testing has shown that 140 LED lights can be powered using the same amount of electricity needed to power just a single 7-watt incandescent bulb. That is roughly the equivalent of two LED light strings compared to a single bulb.

Long Life
LED lights are designed to last for many years, in both construction of the physical bulb, and the technology of the LED. An investment in LEDs guarantees many more years of use than that of incandescent lights.

Compare and Contrast LED with Incandescent Christmas Lights HERE:
I don't but its just because I'm too lazy and I don't believe in Jesus so what's the point. I do think they look pretty and I don't really mind my neighbors doing it. We have so many wasteful habits anyway. Which one do you quit first?
Here in Tennessee (aka Dumbshitland) i mention not decorating my house with festive lights for the holiday season due to wanting to conserve energy and not pollute and i get this response more than once.

"Hell boy pollutin'? Jesus will be comin' soon so it don't matter."

I typically respond with "Okay you believe in dressing up for church and being reverent and treating Jesus like royalty but you leave the planet devastated for his arrival. Kinda like expecting an honored guest and making sure the house looks like shit."
and a paradox in action
good info sydni. @ lisa, great point and am glad but i do believe in raising awareness. as far as wasteful habits, here are a few from the top of my head that we as a family had quit.
no plastic bottles and that includes our kids 5 and 2 also who use Klean Kanteen. We have kicked our habit of plastic bags for grocery shopping. we try to buy toys that aren't plastic and made by companies that use fair trade policies. don't buy paper plates or paper towels. buy clothes that use organic cotton and jackets like north face or patagonia that have recyclable thread program, are 100% vegeterian and 99.9% vegan, recycle (obviously), bike and walk whenever we can around town, buy local produce whenever we can and also always buy organic food.
this didn't happen overnight but now it is second nature to us. and we are still working on improving some other things but have not accomplished them yet.
First off I put lights up for me and my kids. We all like putting them up and we all like the way they look. Second I feel people like you are just like the christians of the world. I think you should do what you think is right for you and keep your beliefs to yourself. I help the world in my way and you help the world in your way. Don't put your beliefs on me.
Because it's tradition?
I do it because they are pretty, festive and because it's one of those traditions I can still get away with because it's not a religious one. And really the lights I use for this don't actually use all that much energy my energy bill might go up by $2-3 when I use them. I save more energy by making sure lights/electronics I am not using are off and unplugged than by avoiding some festive lights in the dull of winter for a few hours each night.
@brandon and kris.....pushing my beliefs, maybe you two are like christians when somebody makes you think, it is easy to say stop pushing ur beliefs in my face.......the point was that we teach our kids about the wise usage of electricity and than we do the opposite. and majority of electricity in america is produced by coal.
kris, sorry, i did misread your comment and my sincere apologies to you.
So by your logic, hybrid cars are worse for the environment than gas driven cars. You're going too far with your crusade against energy consumption, it's not holidays that are a problem it's wasteful every day use. Don't combat a single holiday of the year and ignore the larger 364 day problem ahead of you. Come on


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