I am taking Introduction to psychology this semester and one of my assignments is to find two parents and ask them,

"When do you think that punishment is the most effective strategy that you can use when trying to get someone to do something they do not want to do? Is punishment the best policy?"

So, I thought I would get some perspectives from the people here.

Let me know what you guys think. I was told not to debate, but if I need more clarification, I may ask.

Thanks in advance!


EDIT due to confusion as to what is considered punishment. Sorry for the lack of clarification:

As Unseen  and Erock68la have both mentioned, punishment is the consequence that is used to decrease the unwanted behavior.

An example:

A boy is about to take a quiz and his parents want to make sure he studies.

Positive reinforcement would be rewarding the child with something if he does well.

Negative reinforcement is letting him know that IF he does poorly, there will be a consequence.

Punishment is when the parents carry out the consequences mentioned when they used negative reinforcement.

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I never did anything most people would call spanking, which is usually a hard smack on a bare or nearly bare bottom. I did swats which didn't hurt all that much but got my child to pay attention to me. There is nothing unnatural about that sort of thing. When a momma cat has had enough, she reestablishes that she is the parent and the kitten is the child.

When a papa lion has had enough, he kills and eats the cub.  I'm just sayin'.  :)

I've never heard that and am a nature documentary junkie. I do know that male lions who want to take over a pride will kill cubs sired by other male lions. I see your smiley. I just don't want to see misinformation propagated.

Yeah, maybe it was polar bears or something.


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