Publishing a book on atheism aimed at believers who want to understand their relative/friend/co-worker who is an unbeliever.

I am publishing a non-fiction book on atheism aimed at believers who want to understand their relative/friend/co-worker who is an unbeliever. My hope is that it will become a go-to tool for new atheists to help them when coming out. The title will be Believe It, You Know an Atheist.

I am looking for a few people who might like to read the ARC before publication in exchange for an honest review on the Amazon/B&N/Kobo/Goodreads/Smashwords pages when the book goes live. Also, I'd be thrilled if ThinkAtheist decided to add it to their books page under the shop heading.

Thanks all.

Here's the blurb and the cover art.

How can you find common ground when a loved one no longer believes in God?

Without ever insisting that atheism is the correct conclusion, Believe It strives to bridge the disconnect between the devout and the debunkers. Featuring quotes and arguments found throughout the history of skepticism from Epicurus to Sam Harris and beyond, Believe It lays out a line of reasoning and analysis designed to illuminate the thinking that inspires a godless worldview. Broken down into three parts, J. David Core here examines from an atheist's POV the fundamentals of disbelief; likely refutations of some of the more common theistic arguments; and such difficult issues as grace, the historicity of religious texts, and the nature of truth.

Whether you are the parent of a new atheist, a co-worker of a long-time unbeliever, or simply want to understand the motives and thought processes of your non-religious friends, Believe It: You Know an Atheist.

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We can certainly add it to the Book Store!

Awesome sauce!

I'd be interested in previewing it. What info do you need?

I have to be able to email you the file. I can send either .mobi or .epub. Mobi us the kindle format. Epub is Nook and most other readers. If neither of those works for you, I can send the word file. Message me with an email address.

Thank you so much. I'll contact you again when the book goes live so you can post a review.

Is it an Adobe ePub, or an iBook ePub? My reader can only open the Adobe version.

So you want a pdf?

Thank you, Brendan. At the moment, I am trying to build buzz and generate reviews. If you'd like a ARC copy, message me with an email address and which format you'd prefer.

Friend request accepted. The zeitgeist is changing fast these days. No doubt about it.

Friend request sent. Message me with an email and your preferred format, Belle.

As a published writer , will also like to preview. The blurb is surely very appetising.

If I wanted to sell a book to believers I wouldn't have Sam Harris name on it.

Wow, this book aounds great. I'll have buy it for my mother when it comes out. I'd love to read it if you need more volunteers.


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