I am a mother of a seven year old First Grader.

I have a parent teacher meeting tomorrow, and I plan on discussing our family beliefs with his teacher.

What is allowed in Texas public schools?

He is coming home, saying, he needs new parents because we do not believe in god. When I tell him, we believe otherwise. He says, his teachers know more than us, as they are teachers. The music class is currently singing, You are our Heroes by Teresa Jennings, which has "We know God blesses you" repeated throughout. He brought home an art project two weeks ago about the Texas flag that had the quote, 'whose people believe in God, a supreme being'

A few weeks ago, on the highway home from tennis, I was merging over, and he says I don't need to look, God will watch us. I said, no, we need to use common sense to stay safe. He responds.. I know, I know, you don't believe. I said, How do you know so sure, he said his teacher read it from, 'the book' that tells him its real. I said, anyone can write a book. There are lots of stories out there. He has been saying that his previous teacher read from 'the book' that tells him god is real and that he knows it in his heart god is real. --- My seven year old does not talk like this!

This is public school. Do I have any rights other than talking to the school and having them sit him out and tell him he can't sing with his class because your parents don't allow it. We don't have many choices being a military family, as to where we live. I originally from Southern California, and the overly religious neighbors, teachers, and community members is something I never had to experience growing up. Home school is not an option as I work full-time, nor should it have to be. Any suggestions?

All of this began in June- His swim teacher lets him choose from a treasure box after class. He chose a rainbow bracelet which said, I love God. He asked me to read it to him in the car. I said, well, you know, Mom and Dad don't believe there is a God, we believe in Science. And he responded that he will need new parents, because his teacher told him there is a God. I said, Mom and Dad, have more education than your teacher... and he insists that because she is a teacher, she knows more, therefore what she says is truth. We didn't like this, but we let it go, as it was summer, and didn't feel there was much we could do but now it is continuing, and I feel coming from all different angles.

I am concerned with how defiant he is becoming on the issue. My kid, can't chose between baseball and soccer, he likes them equal. He likes both his summer camp counselors equal... yet, he is so sure there is a god because his teachers say so.

When I brought up to his current teacher I wanted to have a meeting,I noticed she was wearing religious jewelry. It appears besides, the art work, and music class.. that much is from last years teacher. But I want to make it clear, that we don't like gender stereotypes that Texas LOVES so much, and we also don't want religion to be part of his public school curriculum.

What is allowed in public schools, what are my rights as a parent.

Thank you,
Sorry if this was so long!

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Great reply :).

*points to the bucket of free paragraph breaks* (more please)

One thing an impressionable kid might benefit from hearing a lot (and it would have helped me): "Even the smartest person in the world doesn't know everything!"

I can admit I didn't handle it correctly, or how I wish I would, it was a combination of confusion and anger mixing inside, while still talking to him in a pleasant and calm manner if that makes sense.

Makes total sense....I'm convinced that parenting is all about trial an error. I admittedly jumped to conclusions, because I constantly have to watch my own son's "back talking" and attitude, lol....Needless to say I DO correct him on it swiftly. My own theory is that if he learns that being disrespectful to ME (even a little bit) is OK or acceptable, he'll do it to other people....But my situation is completely different than yours....so sorry if I came across overly harsh there....

I absolutely do not want to shelter him, I love the idea of being able to expose him to many different thoughts and ways of life, but it is the idea that it is coming from a teacher, or someone who a small child looks to as someone that only knows, 'the truth' that really got me. 

I agree, it shouldn't come from the teachers, and it's appauling that you have to deal with that. I remember a handful of times that my son came home with Christian-infused art projects when he was in pre-school. I let it slide and didn't do anything about it. But I've never had to deal with a PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER saying anything about religion to my son. I did walk in on the YMCA teacher talking to the kids about 9/11 in a way that wasn't necessarily age appropriate, and it kind of irked me....I then had to have "the talk" with my son and try to explain why these men did this to the buildings, and what the Koran is, and....probably WAY more information then he ever needed to know at 6 years old!!!!

I've already started to have talks with my son about drugs. It's funny that it's easier to educate him about drugs than it was about 9/11.....sigh....

Anyway that was a tangeant WAY off topic....My point is that in this crazy world we live in, we have to be ready for anything. I think talking to our kids often and openly about the dangers that we face, and some of the idiotic ideas they will encounter is a great way to prepare them to be strong men some day. It's hard to think that some day my little sweet BABY is going to be bigger than me and stronger than me....Can you imagine?

This is unbelievable. How can teachers dare to approach kids like that. I think instead of starting a fight against educators(which can take centuries in Texas), it is easier to spend your time and energy with your child to help his confusion.
Even though i didnt impose any atheistic ideas to my daughter, she became a militant atheist. She is 12 now and I advise her not to open her mouth at school because we are living in Texas(we also moved from southern california) She was so upset and she told me if she couldnt defend her ideas what is the point living in usa.
Her science teacher was against evolution and my daughter told me there was nothing she could learn from that teacher.
And also learning about religion will speed up the process him to find out religion is a fairy tale. I made my daughter read the bible. She had so much fun.


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