I'm from a small, country town in Texas. One with churches on every corner. I was reading THIS article from the county's website about a psychic that "helped" the police. 

"It is such a comfort to realize that these prophets of faith are willing to assist law enforcement..."

     - It's really crazy and sickening that they think psychics are credible sources of information.

The psychic led the police onto a story about a bunch of dismembered bodies outside a rural area. Needless to say, once the media heard the story, it got way out of hand.

"A tremendous amount of resources by the news media and law enforcement were employed during this incident including on scene news helicopters."  Aftermath

Why do you guys think these law enforcement officers would take the psychic's advice seriously?

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True, there are individuals who posses that talent and don't hold badge. That's why the FBI sometimes discloses cases to the worldwide population that they havent been able to solve, in the hopes that someone somewhere may crack it.

"saying that I am a psychic is much easier than explaining that my powers of observation, memory and joining the dots was exponentially better than the trained professionals I work with"

Whole premise of the TV show Psych.

That's a good show kOrsan

@Ronald - Have you heard of a TV show called 'Medium', about a so called medium named Allison DuBois.

She is a fraud and a good guesser, and simply does research. Her mistake was to claim, very early in her charade, she helped law enforcement solve crimes, and is so thick she actually named the law enforcement she 'had helped', namely the Texas Rangers and the Glendale, Arizona Police Department. 

These law enforcement agencies have since either denied any such cooperation happened or stated the tips provided by Dubois were not helpful. These people are clever, and twist inane information, which can then be twisted in many different directions, to suit their purpose. And they make a mint selling gullibility to desperate people. Very sad.

More like Allison Dubious

Good one kOrson

Well there is one show on Discovery Channel where the feature cases where the psychics actually solve them... But IMO that's just media brainwashing the masses.

Have you ever seen 'psych'? Sounds bout the same but the people on the show know that he is not really a psychic, but just pays attention real good.

OK Guys, who wants to learn to be a psychic?:-)/\:-) high five Or is that psychotic, I always get those two mixed up --


Let me guess, the headmaster is a bald guy in a wheelchair?


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