I'm from a small, country town in Texas. One with churches on every corner. I was reading THIS article from the county's website about a psychic that "helped" the police. 

"It is such a comfort to realize that these prophets of faith are willing to assist law enforcement..."

     - It's really crazy and sickening that they think psychics are credible sources of information.

The psychic led the police onto a story about a bunch of dismembered bodies outside a rural area. Needless to say, once the media heard the story, it got way out of hand.

"A tremendous amount of resources by the news media and law enforcement were employed during this incident including on scene news helicopters."  Aftermath

Why do you guys think these law enforcement officers would take the psychic's advice seriously?

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They may have assumed that the person calling had knowledge of a crime and was using the "psychic" guise as a cover.

"Psychics & Police"?

More like "Con-artists & Pigs"

How retarded are these people.........

If they told me they hired a psychic to find my daughter, I'd probably kidnap their own daughters just out of spite, and watch them run around aimlessly because their fucking psychic couldn't do shit to find them. Damn man that's stupid...

One would expect better critical thinking from the police. What an absolute disgrace it is! I think they bring in psychics as a last ditch desperation measure, simply because they had no leads and therefore 'nothing to lose'.... the idiots. I don't know who I dislike more here, the police or the sigh-kicks. It's well know to be a dangerous waste of time and resources as police are led up the garden path chasing their nonsense. There have been a couple of cases were innocent people have gone down as a result of the toxic lies of these frauds. 

This is a good read here.

Dear Folks:

When the 'police' are at their 'wits end', a psychic might be just what they need. The psychic could help them with turning on the cognitive lights, tying their shoes, modeling rudimentary cognitive skills, and asking them questions or suggesting other options that might elude them.

It is unclear if the Texas culture of 'shoot first' has any reality, but a psychic might help them with the 'if all you have is guns, everything else looks like a target' problem.

Cognitive disabilities are not always permanent, even a random factor like a psychic might better their odds of success, and given the present climate of seeming public romance of psychics, psychics might be sexy....LOL  

If the police need another way to look for somebody or an outside perspective, why not just consult with someone from the FBI who is currently employed or retired who would help them.  Or maybe someone who doesn't claim to have psychic powers.

I've watched Psych and The Mentalist, but in The Mentalist he is overt about the false nature of his practice.  In Psych the viewer understands that he isn't really psychic, just very observant.  Why not find people like this rather than people who claim to have powers and consult with them?

I heard a police spokesperson recently – sorry no reference – who said that while the detectives gave no credence to anyone claiming to be psychic, they were often under pressure to be seen to be doing everything that the public would expect of them. He also said that they viewed everyone who offered psychic assistance as a potential suspect.

It reminds me of the time that Prof. Brian Cox said on BBC TV that astrology was rubbish and then had to apologize for the comment.

And what makes you think that law enforcement officers are any less susceptible to bull*&%$ than anyone else?

Remember, in the movie, "Chinatown," when Jack Nicholson was asked why something happened, and he simply shrugged and said, "It's Chinatown"?

I think you've answered your own question - shrug - "It's Texas."

I read that the US goverment search for psychics when they are protecting an informant or they got the leads in an illegal way that may affect the outcome in court.

So basically the whole Psychic thing is big facade, you know, a show they put on to hide the real source of the information and/or the methods they used to get such information.

As psychics yes, but some have uber skills in reading people and tying situations together laterally that make them appear to be psychic. I believe it is these people that have the most success - though they are about as psychic as my big toe. They certainly do have impressive skills though - I have watched one work, and you would think they had some kind of special ability, but it IS all readily explainable (he used to say, "saying that I am a psychic is much easier than explaining that my powers of observation, memory and joining the dots was exponentially better than the trained professionals I work with").


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