The atheist is forced to appeal to the theistic world view in the every area of life. They can make no claim of being wronged, no claim of doing right themselves etc... without relying on theistic constructs. In fact, the atheist has unwittingly deemed themselves and their thoughts worthless. Prove otherwise without appealing to the theist constructs and basis of right and wrong. You cannot, the atheist denies any higher power than themselves so therefore all is relative, ALL.

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Hi Morgan and fellow Atheists. It encourages me to see so many young people open to reason and logic. I am a young 74 year old in the UK who salutes you. Carry on and make the world a better place for my family in the future.
We are all open to free thought.

Catch up soon.
Since when was "right and wrong" a theist construct?
Firstly I'm not familiar with "the every area of life". Secondly who said ALL isn't relative? Thirdly I think it would be laughable to even consider having to prove that atheist thoughts are of worth. When it comes to productivity towards the betterment of understanding the universe and humanity, theist thoughts are a burden, and atheism is a leeway. I would find it much more difficult to prove that theist thoughts are at all beneficial.
It's not up to us to prove anything. They're the ones claiming a god exists :D.

First you need to prove your wild assertions.

And FYI, atheism is not any particular worldview.

However, many atheists are humanists. Some claim the label as a conscious choice. Some happen to behave in a way that's consistent with humanism because instead of appealing to magic books or invisible creatures for direction, humanism is informed by:

- the common human condition
- rationality & knowledge
- optimism


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