What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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or maybe you're an undercover officer on a sting operation. lol


I never have, but I think it would be fine if it were legal. Liker others have already said, government regulation could actually make it safe. Not that it would be easy to track down every prostitute...

why does cartmen have a pentagram badge? lol

Yes Should b legal

I have tried Prostitution because girlfriends etc sort of things are not easily available in muslim country,class in which I lives.  

I have not read the comments to this but it should be legal. Just like all drugs should be legal. I have never tried it.


I can see this being a interesting post to follow up on. (I am short on time today!)

I agree prostitution should be legal, I think it would be monitored better, on age(+18) and STD's.  Over here it is still illegal, but if it's not streetprostitution, they ignore it.  They do check for ID.

Most people are very hypocrite about it.   I don't see how women who marry a man for his money are any better. 
My best friend is one.  She's the most decent person I know.  I love her and hate people who judge her.


what I don't agree with is legalising all drugs.  Canabis, ok, but all the other stuff, no. and even weed, I smoke and I know it does effect my personality... 

It should certainly be legalized, regulated and taxed. Most of the problems commonly associated with prostitution come from it's illegal status and lack of regulation/protection for those in the profession. Much like the coal industry or industrial factories before safety regulations, it is the lack of safety and standards (not to mention the inability of the workers to seek redress against abuses) that is the core of the problem, not the profession itself.

Many of the abuses that seem inherent to prostitution, such as pimps, human trafficking, drug abuse, etc, would greatly diminish, although not outright vanish, should prostitution be legalized. With reputable employers (or freelancing) with legal status, the prevalence of pimps would drop. Likewise, human trafficking would decrease. Not disappear, I am not so naive as to think that, but there would be a vast decrease in demand.

And completely aside from the safety and health reasons (not to mention the increased tax revenue), the fact remains that aside from a holdover of Puritan prudishness clogging up our social consciousness with religious-based 'sin laws', no different than banning the sale of alcohol on Sundays (or at all during Prohibition), there is no reason to outlaw prostitution. As long as it is a business transaction between two (or more) consenting adults, it should enjoy the same status as if person A wished to hire person B to mow their lawn or cook a meal.

If a girl sleeps with you just because you bought her a drink, I think that's a slut or someone with no self esteem.  I've known girls like that, so don't tell they are not out there. 

I actually feel offended when I get the feeling that someone is trying to buy me into bed with dinner or a drink.  Common guys, I don't need money, I need content (and hygene) :p

Like I said, my best friend work in protitution, and she tells me everything... just because I'm the only one who is open about it.  She is a passive muslim.  But she feels the same way about men she meets in outside her job.  Money is not an issue, because she wants to be self reliant.

@jean marie

I think the problem is that vagina access is a commodity. So is breast access. Because they must be bought, earned, sold, or otherwise gained from a lady. And for some reason, there is higher "commodity value" on women who are harder to get--aka harder to 'conquer' and women who are "easy" are seen as cheap, "slutty" or "worthless", because they have somehow "lessened" the price of their commodity. Nevermind sex with a male is also a commodity--it is 1.) easily gotten, should you have a vagina and are not too picky(I have no clue how hard it is for homosexual men to find sexual partners). 2.) not seen as a commodity by the world at large, because of how male-dominated our culture is.

It brings to mind male prostitutes. How many of those exist? How many males are arrested each year for selling their bodies? The number is either very low or nonexistent. And at the very least--the numbers are much lower, and the commodity being sold is very different.

If I had no vagina or pair of boobs, would I still be a person? Yes. but I would be seen immediately as worthless to many males, and I would no longer have that "bargaining chip" with any guy I dated--It would be convenient to be able to get rid of those two things, though, as I could focus on finding a male who's not interested in access to either of my "commodities", and rather, is really into my brain and nice conversations.

But I can't. There really is no way for our culture to separate sex from a person. You are female or you are Male(transsexuals do not get to be a 3rd gender), you are either a slut or it is "just how men are supposed to be".

I would like to be more free with my sexual activities, but guess what? I can't, any guy, or even girl, that I do something with casually will see me as a slut or whore or just plain "easy". I will cease to be a person and become a commodity that is easily had--that no one wants to buy anyways. I already have to fight against the stereotype that all fat chicks are "easy" and will have sex with anyone willing to give them the time of day.

I wish sex from women wasn't a commodity, but unfortunately it is.

I can't, any guy, or even girl, that I do something with casually will see me as a slut or whore or just plain "easy". I will cease to be a person and become a commodity that is easily had--that no one wants to buy anyways.


I think that this is the heart of the issue: promiscuity lessens a woman's value yet increases that of a man.  A woman who participates in sexual activities with unfamiliar partners is reduced to nothing more than a vessel of sexual gratification.  The same act by a man, however, is seen as proof of his virility and boosts his overall value in all areas of his life.


It's an incredibly unfair double standard.  Unfortunately, I don't know when or how it could change.  Sometimes, women themselves are the harshest critics of other women's sexual activities.  I wonder if it is even a battle worth fighting.  Not to say that it isn't fair, but I just don't know if casual sex is that important to me that I would really devote any energy towards its acceptance for my gender.  I just think that there are greater injustices.  For instance, I'd rather see concrete stats that the gender gap in payscale is eradicated.  But that's just my subjective view.  I realize that sex is a lot more important to some people and would perhaps be considered worthy of the energy required to combat the stereotypes.


And the women being harshest critics--where do you think that came from? the idea of status being determined by whomever can gain the most amount of money, land the richest husband, have the biggest engagement ring, all without having any sex whatsoever--women aren't supposed to enjoy sex, and this is reinforced by culture and religion--it doesn't matter if our sex organs give us pleasure, the biggest fantasy I always find(from Victorian times to now) is a girl who really enjoys sex.  That's the entire fantasy. However, women know that if they show any gusto for it, males automatically see them as less than ladies, and as one of the words for promiscuous women.


I would love to see some of the gender identities taken apart--it's not just women that can have low libidos. It's not just men that have high libidos. It's not only women who like clothes or cooking. It's not just men who can like sports or cars. Even within nerd culture, there are animes--some that men like, some that women like. There are certain fandoms, some that are full of men, others that are full of women. Fairy Tales are often seen as a female genre. The division of Male and female goes too deep for me to follow it, and it always puts me off that it would take a lot of work--but I think taking it apart would be worth it.

First we need less stereotypes in TV.

I dunno. Do girls often get called 'fag' or 'pussy' if they don't fixate on getting laid or make pointless displays of machismo? Wait, what's the female equivalent of machismo? It's not the words themselves that are the issue; it's the condemnation and alienation.


Good point.  Both genders are socially condemned for not adhering to expected sexual behavior.  For men, the expectation of sexual behavior is the opposite of that for women.  So the double standard only appears unequal when measured against a specific end; i.e., if the end is to have sex on the first date, men will be praised and women will be condemned according to the prevailing sexual prejudices.  However, if the end is to not have sex on the first date, men will then condemned while women are praised.  


I was only viewing it from one end rather than as a whole.


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