What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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Yes, prostitution should be legal, regulated, and taxed.

No I have never paid for sex because I am a heterosexual man and women are easy.

Most of them are easy.... if you try to lift them. :)


I find women that sleep with men who are easy just as easy. The rest are just sluts.

I have never called any woman (not as an insult, or a generalization) a slut in an online community before. So, I guess you must speak of someone else.


I think that sluts are the women that like to sleep around, regardless of the feelings of the men they are sleeping with and regardless of whom they might hurt in the process; the women that like to have sex with different men during the same period of time, not the women that have had many sexual partners overall. I've known/know a few sluts in real life, and that's my opinion/definition of a slut.

Why do feelings HAVE to be tied in to sex?  Why not just do it for the fun?

You can do it for the fun, but both parties should be aware of it. You shouldn't give a man false hopes, sleep with him and then leave him high and dry. That's wrong. And that's a slut. In my opinion.


I think I forgot to mention cheating wives/girlfriends in that definition of a slut. My bad.


To me , a 'slut' is = to 'Gods gift to men' 


I love sluts.  Lots of them in Towson.  Young ones too.  

One could make the argument that a person is allowing themselves to be deceived - But not explicitly believing it.  That way , they can feel sorry for themselves without feeling dirty. 


Like a girl who says 'He was really smooth - He used all the right words - He used me and deceived me.' 


No, you allowed yourself to be used and deceived.  You were too naive to see through the words.  


(I also would never actually consider a girl is being a slut.  She just wants sex, nothing wrong with that!)  


I believe the problem lies in the male need to dominate and make women feel inferior.  But I also know many women enjoy that submissiveness during sex.  They want their man to be strong and toss them around the bedroom.  Throw them into different positions.  


So to say it's a problem with 'men' - Not so sure.  I think women kind of lead it on as well.  Through other types of manipulation.  

When it's men - They are called 'playas'.  They also get a high fives from other men.  


What other term should we use for women?  Loose?  Easy?  Promiscuous?  Horny little devils?  

It's not like the men are raping the women.  


The women are being loose and easy while going out to a bar and getting shit faced.  It's mutual.  


How is that being an ignorant jackass bitch?  


I could tell you to grow up.  

Whoever said I was categorizing one as less than the other?  


That is what you have taken out of it.  I said I love sluts.  


If more women stopped feeling dirty about having sex with random men, then the terms would stop being taken negatively.  


It's not my fault men have no problem with it, and women do.  


A woman is not going to 'brag' to her friends that she fucked 3 guys in the same night.  



I tottaly agree with you, Neal. It's not about the different views on sex, it's about the different views on ourselves. I think we should first have respect for ourselves, and then we will be respected, no matter what group we might be a part of. Of course, I am talking only about rational people.


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