What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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I tottaly agree with you, Neal. It's not about the different views on sex, it's about the different views on ourselves. I think we should first have respect for ourselves, and then we will be respected, no matter what group we might be a part of. Of course, I am talking only about rational people.

So if I made a sexual reference that is deemed derogatory towards women, I can rightfully be labeled a 'pig'.  


There are words out there that can offend guys.  But we somehow think offending females is worse?  


Or if you were to imply that one may slander women to compensate for their penis size.  Say this to a guy who has a small penis (Or even average size penis), and you may get slapped.  


Or if a guy calls another guy a fag out in a bar - I would be wise to move away from them as I don't want to 'get involved' so to speak.  


Sure playas is a compliment.  But I'm also saying that if sex wasn't such a 'dirty' thing in this society for women - There wouldn't be a way to be derogatory towards women in that regard.  

I am trying to be a mature and intelligent human being and discuss this rationally.  


If you can't handle that, then it isn't my fault.  Maybe you should unsubscribe to this thread instead?


There are words out there for a reason ... how offensive is it to say that one should not use words in a conversation that may be deemed 'offensive'?


I am offended that you are offended.  





You are implying now that it's ok to slander men because they are stronger and less narcissistic.  I am pretty sure that is offensive. 


Or you are implying that a more fragile male with a nice personality should not be slandered either because of their body size.  


If you are all going to try to make comments in regard to my comments, please try to make sure they have meaning behind them.


I find that 'nice' generalizations are just as absurd as 'negative' ones.  


I also thought you would be better than to make an empty claim such as 'You apparently do not spend much time with women'.  


The only thing you got right was the I 'am not a woman'.  


But I am feminine and I feel very comfortable stating this.  




There is a private message system for a reason.  Moderators usually know how to use it.  


If you are going to participate in a discussion and then tell me you are a moderator and that I should stop the discussion, then I have no respect for you 'as a moderator'.  


What you have essentially done is said 'I don't like this topic, so now I'm going to put my foot down instead of discussing this rationally or sending a private message to express my concerns as a moderator.' 




There have been a few posts here that have mentioned there is no way to 'shame men'.  


This is a fallacious point, and I have been active in this part of the discussion to point this out.  


My mentioning of the word 'slut' can now be considered within the context of the entire conversation.  I am not using it to be derogatory, but to add to the points in the discussion.  


If I said 'women are sluts', or 'any female who has sex with a stranger is a slut', that would be more derogatory.  


If you pay careful attention to some of my posts, I am DEFENDING women from the derogatory term.  My comment about 'I love sluts' was meant as a facetious point to undermine the validity of the derogatory nature.  


Lets keep attacking the straw man here.  It's more fun, yeah?  (Sarcasm.)  






I am not the one who took my jacket off to display a 'Super Moderator' shirt underneath :P


I am not saying anything is 'not my fault' , nor am I blaming you for any 'fault'.  


And yeah, I can barely make out it says moderator even when you point it out to me.  


Neal, please read my later posted comments, as I believe I have done a better job at clarifying a few things.  Thanks.  



Good point.  Thanks for the clarification.  I will send Morgan a PM and express my concerns with the issue.  



How about a woman?  Or Jane or whatever her name is? 


When people (and it isn't just men I am afraid) label a woman based on the fact that she is audacious enough to let on that she is a sexual being it is very threatening (and, it is even threatening to the men she is being sexual with!!) and so, to minimize the threat, folks have to put her into a nice neat little box with a label ("slut" "skanky"  "ho" or whatever) so that they can be made comfortable and not have to deal with complexity (much the same as theists often do to atheists, eh?)


These words are not designed for girls that have a lot of sex.  Usually trashy dress attire and slovenly attitude and personality need to be paired with the sexual promiscuity.  


A skank is someone you wouldn't want to take home to mother.  A skank is a girl who purposefully walks around with their thong showing, or doesn't bathe for a week and conducts poor hygiene.   


A ho is another term for a 'trashy' female.  You can call a girl a 'skank' without even knowing her sexual actions.  


I am a white, and do not find 'white trash' to be at all offensive.  I'm not trashy, so why would I care?  


Not really true, Shine.  There are many poor Americans that are not 'white trash'.  


I also don't have money, so that can't be true! lol


You can also be quite trashy while being filthy rich.  


Must I provide examples of these?  Use your imagination!  

Guys likes these???




The truth is that there is simply no word to describe these kinds of guys that is anywhere near as shaming as "slut" or any other similar is for women. "Playuhs" or whatever the male equivalent might be is not used to shame men and for almost all men it is a badge of pride!!  When you call a woman a slut the intention is to shame, when you call a man a "playuh" the intention is to give him props....


"Douchebag" is, I suppose, about as close as you can get to a name intended to shame males but still not the same.

Chauvinistic pig.



Conceited Asshole.



If you want to shame a guy, don't call them a playa.  It's pretty simple.  


Douchebag is a funny term.  The above terms are not funny.  


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