What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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I was watching The Corpse Bride last night and Victoria's parents were complaining about Victor's family being "nouveau riche."  So, perhaps you just need to include Tim Burton in your social group and the phrase will take off swimmingly.


I thought that anecdote would be very important to add to this discussion.

Guys likes these???




The truth is that there is simply no word to describe these kinds of guys that is anywhere near as shaming as "slut" or any other similar is for women. "Playuhs" or whatever the male equivalent might be is not used to shame men and for almost all men it is a badge of pride!!  When you call a woman a slut the intention is to shame, when you call a man a "playuh" the intention is to give him props....


"Douchebag" is, I suppose, about as close as you can get to a name intended to shame males but still not the same.

When you call a woman a slut the intention is to shame, when you call a man a "playuh" the intention is to give him props....


Exactly.  A man is lauded for sexual promiscuity and bestowed the admirable title of "playa."  A women, on the other hand, is demonized for the same actions and given a derogatory label of "slut."  


There is just no way that "slut" can be spun as a good title.  Through the lens of society, sexual promiscuity reduces a woman's value beyond that of sexual gratification.  On the other hand, a reputation of sexual promiscuity extends into other areas of a man's life and increases his overall worth.  (Note: I'm not making statements about actual worth.  I'm only talking about social perceptions of worth and value.)

Chauvinistic pig.



Conceited Asshole.



If you want to shame a guy, don't call them a playa.  It's pretty simple.  


Douchebag is a funny term.  The above terms are not funny.  

If you want to shame a guy, don't call them a playa. It's pretty simple.


Dustin, this is exactly the point that has been argued: "playa" is not a derogatory term in the same sense as "slut."  As there is an absence of shame from the title of "playa," it really is not at all equivalent to "slut."


However, this is completely contradictory to what you originally said.  Here's the exchange:


Adriana said:


The point Jean Marie was trying to make is that the moral judgment is always imparted towards women who have supposedly an undesirable sexual behavior, such as the one you describe, or cheating. The fact that there is a derogatory term for women but not for men is pretty telling, don't you think so?


To which you replied:


When it's men - They are called 'playas'. They also get a high fives from other men.  


(Emphasis mine in both instances.)


You introduced "playa" into the conversation as an equivalent to "slut."  However, because these men are condoned with "high fives" while the women are condemned with derision, the initial comparison really didn't make any sense to begin with.


Regardless of the erroneous comparison, your comment still appears to equate "playa" with "slut."  

Yes, I was attempting to point out the absurdity of the term 'slut' in my comments there.  


I wasn't saying that the word 'slut' is comparable in derogatory terms to that of 'playa'.  


I did not make myself clear in my usage of 'slut'.  


I was actually, in my own way, defending women on the absurdity of the word 'slut'.  As it's really just a term to express sexual promiscuity - comparable to the promiscuity of the male.  


I can see the reason for the mis interpretations.  I rightfully admit this point.  But for some to say I am being 'derogatory' - I am trying to point out I am arguing the opposite - That the term 'slut' is absurd as the term 'playa' is also absurd.  


I am just trying to have a meaningful conversation here!  (Sorry if anyone is literally taking offense - I thought I made my joke playfully enough to not be taken this way.)  


Oh, quick note:  As to jeans post - There are plenty of words that as demeaning to men as the word 'slut' is.  If you want to attack our sexual character - I already pointed out a few ways to do so.  It just seems those are all taken as less offensive simply because we are men.  

Dustin, misunderstandings happen.  Such is the beauty of the interwebs!


I just wanted to point out what I saw as the nexus of the disagreement.  We all agree that "slut" is a derogatory term.  However, an ironic usage of the term may not have been clear.


And I agree that there are plenty of terms that insult men.  Incidentally, however, these terms generally insult a man's sexual prowess, thereby furthering the positive association of sex for men.  It's interesting that sex is such a socially divisive perception.  I wonder how much of it is directly rooted in the Abrahamic tradition.

I'm sorry Adriana, I do not have a term for men. Not because I think that men who act in the same manner women like the ones I described do are better, or worthy of admiration or respect. Regardless of gender, those people sicken me.


I think religion had a big role in degrading the world's view on women and the effects are still very visible. I remember that the first slut or prostitute I ever heard about was Mary Magdalene, you know, the one from the Bible. That says a lot. I know, I've grown, and now I know that it's all bullshit, but back then it had a great effect on me, and I think it still has on some young children, regardless of gender, that are still taught (from) the Bible.


Anyway, to get back at terms. I am really not that offended by any terms anymore, as I've learned to know myself and pretty much all that I am capable of. I only hate the use of any terms as a generalization, not only towards women, but towards any group. Just so it will be no confusion, I wasn't trying to do that at all. I'm sorry if it came out like that. I have known women like that really well, as one of them along with her behaviour had a great influence in how my life turn out. That's how I ended up despising that sort of behaviour, regardless of gender. I don't think we should try too hard to find derogatory terms for men as well, but to try and judge any person separately, not as a group, as we can't really find two people alike on this planet.


I hope you get to read this reply; it seems like it's 3 pages away from yours.

What's the difference between a slut and a bitch?

A slut is a girl the will fuck anybody...

A bitch is a girl that will fuck anybody...BUT ME!!! lol


There are times I wish I was the last man on earth, just to see if all those girls were serious...



It should be legal. I think if done in a closed in environment with some supervision it's no different than any other exchange of goods. and No I have never been a prostitute.
Yes and yes. How? As with any business transaction an agreed upon price for an agreed upon product involving a willing buyer and a willing seller.
I wanted to know whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. That's what I meant by that 'how'.


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