What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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I'm aware not all men are.

but a large amount of men are--I can't tell you how many times, I've had a guy go "well, I'm up for a sexual relationship, but I don't want a real relationship", which is mildly insulting--so I'm good enough for sex, but not good enough to be a girlfriend?


But I've had plenty of guys proposition me for such things before, some kept the offer open in case I "ever change my mind", however, I can't even find a girl who wants to go on a date with me--despite getting more crushes on them, and yes, they were bi/gay. Women are definitely more selective of sexual partners than men.

I think your right.  When the opportunity for sex presents itself the "little head" does the thinking.  Unless the lady is a raving psychopath or uglier than a bulldog's butt  we pretty much follow our hormones.  Unfortunately, I've out lived the hormones.

Exactly. And this is most men, not every guy, but most men would have an issue turning down sex with even a medially-attractive lady.

And in the cases where I've been turned down for dating--it's usually my weight that they cite, but a lot of times is that they're "saving themselves" for the perfect lady that they already have sighted in their scope.

 there are some dumb ladies.

but there are also some really dumb dudes. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the "I'm getting up the courage to talk to this one girl, she's so attractive and sexy, she just doesn't know I like her yet...and she refuses to hang out with me, but she'll come around eventually."

And I ask them out, and they turn me down with that. MIND BOGGLING.

I've also gotten the "you're too shallow for me" response, but that guy apparently had his mind on the girl I was sharing a room with.

Of course, should either of the girls of their dreams offer them sex? They would hop on it in a heartbeat, even if it cost them dinner and $200 cash.

stop criminalizing and arresting the young women out on the streets, and start arresting the abusive pimps---cops should work with these women, not against them, and there should be more support to get women out of prostitution who don't want to be there.


Exactly. They're really not a part of the solution, just another part of the problem, and the biggest problem why some legalized prostitution still remains the same. They don't do anything about the pimps and the ones actually responsible for underage/unwilling prostitutes.

These women need to be given protection from men who would otherwise abuse them.

They always assume--putting the women in jail will stop it.

No it won't! if you get one woman away from him, and she is released--she'll often go back, and then get beaten by him, because she has no place else to go.

If she is put in jail permanently--guess what, all he has to do is go find another girl who is walking alone at night, or waiting at a bus stop, and kidnap her, and begin the process again.

It won't stop until the person in charge of these things is taken down. That's another reason why I support legalization--the women could be put into programs to either get them out or put them on the path to legalization, and it would be the pimp that is doing the illegal thing--assault, rape, repeated beatings, extortion.


Men are easy for what? Sex? Yes, most of us, including me-"nudge, nudge, wink, wink, call me..." lol


Are we easy to live with? Easy to talk to? Easy to get to go, say....shopping for instance. Easy to train? Easy to control? Easy to love? Easy like Sunday morning?


But since this post about prostitution-Yes it should be legal, or rather decriminalized (as should be cannabis/hemp, but that is another thread). That means keeping laws and regulations on it (i.e. age limits, health testing and more). No pimps, street thugs, organized crime. No vice squad busts of "johns" for solicitation and girls busted for having a lucrative profession.


As has been said before we don't pay for sex, we pay for you leave afterward. Only partly true-we pay for sex- we're paying cash for what will cost us one way or the other.   


Yes men and money are soon parted where women are concerned. Even if we don't pay for sex directly, we are paying for sex, and it is never cheap. Men can go on a date and pay for dinner, movie, flowers, drinks, or whatever else it takes to get girls in bed. Hell some get married then divorced and pay half their salary in alimony, the house, child support, and all that goes with divorce financial and otherwise.


Divorce Barbie: She comes with half of Ken's stuff. lol


Even if we can get out without major financial damage, there is the ever more painful and emotional cost of having your heart ripped out (again).


Compared to the possible financial and emotional loss that can occur in a "normal" relationship- prostitutes are less expensive, no stings attached. Granted there are STD's and other diseases. Unprotected sex is a risk. But that is the case for any person whether they are working girls or not.  


Why do mainly men visit Ladies of Horizontal Refreshment- many reasons I'm sure.

Not getting any at home from wife/girlfriend...

Not as complicated as a relationship...

They don't have a relationship...

If in a relationship- less chance of being caught for a one time "Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Mam" than having an affair...


You can pay one, two, three or more beautiful girls to act out your sexual fantasies. Most of us are not in the porn industry or rich, good looking or famous enough, to have it for free???

That would be why I would ever pay cash for sex- live out more fantasies.


I myself was married and never cheated- that was the point of getting married. That it didn't work out is neither here nor there. I don't understand why anyone would get married or whatever formality of a marriage type thing, if you are going to cheat or have an affair, with a civilian girl or
someone more um...professional. I'm sure it's not planned that way...but
life happens.

I think that it should be legal, but first because everyone has the right to do anything they want with their own bodies, and second because it would be safer.


Would you vote for imposing a tax on prostitution? I would.

In ancient Rome, prostitution was the first trade to be taxed.  That's why it's called "the world's oldest profession".  [source: some book somewhere one time]
Great source. :)
Yes I would vote for tax on prostitution!
I'm a bit mixed on whether or not it should be legal, because of the ease with which it could be exploited in cases of human trafficking.  However I do believe it should be decriminalized, by which I mean, rather than throwing a 16-year-old girl in the joint for soliticiation, go after the pimp and throw him/her in jail for trafficking.
I couldn't agree with you more!


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