What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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This is a very good point, hadn't thought about the human trafficking angle.  But if it were well regulated it seems that that could be addressed through careful regulation and monitoring. 

If it were an ordinary place of business, with W2 forms, ID req'd, tax forms, probably licensing, etc, it'd be HARDER not easier, to grab illegals and minors who do not want to work as prostitutes.



I respectfully disagree with your disagreement.  In countries in which prostitution is not done in secrecy (for example, Thailand), human trafficking is rampant (this according to a US State Department report on trafficking issued last year, as well as in previous years).  I don't believe people are exploited because of the secrecy.  I believe people are exploited because there's money to be had, just as in running weapons or drugs; and exploiters are hard to catch because they know how to hide.


I seriously doubt that requiring W2s, taxes, IDs, etc. will make the already existing (and prospering) underground cease to be underground.  If pimps aren't concerned with the welfare of the people they buy and sell as commodities, they'll hardly bother with tax paperwork.

Sure, but they'll run out of customers pretty quick. Hiring a prostitute in current circumstances can be dangerous for many different reasons, and I think that the customers would appreciate a safer way to do it.


And I don't think that prostitution in Thailand is really controlled by anybody except the pimps.

I think you misunderstand me. I didn't say it was legal in Thailand; I merely said that it wasn't done in secrecy, to counter your argument that "Humans are already being exploited, because in most states, prostitution is done in secrecy."

I don't think it's true that no kids are trafficked in Las Vegas, nor that no illegals being forced into it. The U.S. Justice Department appears to agree with me, as do this listing at Change.org and this article from a Las Vegas news source. In fairness, I don't have very hard numbers as to how much of this goes on vs. how much legal & regulated prostitution goes on (that's the problem of things happening underground; they're underground). But I think I can safely say that it does go on, and that the statement "People are not being kidnapped and dragged in there" is incorrect.

Also, to be fair, I personally can't state from any qualified position whether or not for a fact legal prostitution makes it easier or harder for traffickers. But I do think it's a myth that legalization has removed or will remove pimps/traffickers; if anything it's driven them away from the public eye to the point that (at least some) people think illegal trafficking doesn't happen at all.

I want to see what sort of hard data I can find from organizations who make it their day-to-day work to know and to do something about such issues, because this whole discussion has piqued my interest as to whether or not data can support the suggestion that legalized prostitution makes it more or less difficult for human trafficking to flourish.

Intelligence Squared US had this debate:




It was a good one.

It should be legalized and regulated. 


I have never paid for nor been paid for sex. 


I must say that I do find the whole idea of paying for sex or being paid for sex somewhat icky....please don't judge me.....



Yes, it should be legal. I agree with Jean Marie's reasons why.

No I have never hired a prostitute, however I have hired strippers, as I use to manage a bar in which we had an occasional, fun night for the costumers. I do not see strippers and prostitutes as one in the same though.. 

What is the difference between prostitution and taking a pretty girl out for a date - while being judged the entire time on whether or not you are going to pay for the dinner - pay for her movie ticket - buy her drinks at the bar ... etc.  


At least with prostitution you are sure you will get sex.  With taking a pretty girl on a date - You still aren't sure if they have STD's or not. 


This should be made into a form of Pascals Wager .. 

No, no, no, no, no.  I can only speak for myself but when I was young and single my decision as to whether or not I'd have sex with the guy was based solely on whether or not I wanted to have sex with him.  Whether the guy paid or not had nothing to do with it.  And, if I got the vibe that it did (that is, he was paying in expectation of getting sex) well, then I had zero desire to have sex with him.  But if that is the way you want to play, be up front about it at least, yes?  Next time you ask a girl out tell her that you will pay if she agrees to have sex.  If she doesn't agree to have sex, then ask if she'd be willing to pay for the date.  That should work well.


Oh come on - If the guy didn't offer to pay for any part of the date - you're telling me you would have been perfectly ok with this?  


I guess you could be ... but that is a minority among women.


Of course I did bring home a very attractive middle aged woman - Weighed about 120 lbs - Didn't buy her ONE drink at the bar.  I think I impressed her with my billiards skillz - If you know how to use that stick to pocket those balls - Women will get curious : P


The point is that if a Guy wants to hook up - It's usually a crapshoot.  If a pretty girl wants to hump - They could get any guy at any time they wanted.  This in turn causes a lot of social rejection among younger males.  They begin to blame other things.  Their penis size - Their personality - Their looks - Their hygiene.  


When in fact you just gotta learn to be a playa.  A lot of women respond to this.  Make it into a game.  It's more fun that way.  But it's also a lot harder to learn how.  

The majority isn't always right. As an atheist you should know better...


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