What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal? Have you ever tried it and, if yes, how?


EDIT: For anyone reading this, I am interested in whether you hired a prostitute, or offered your services in exchange of money. I am not looking for tips on how to hire a prostitute. :)

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I agree with this. Completely.


Edit:  The first post, not the 2nd :)

No, I've never paid for sex because I'm a heterosexual woman and men are easy :-)


That's mean... and true.

But true!!!!
I said that it's true too... :) Only in a different font color. 
It's not true! I encourage everyone who thinks men are easy to research asexuality and realize that we DO exist!
I have to say that I am not easy, but from the guys I have met in my lifetime, I can say that men are easy. I am not generalizing, I'm just talking about guys I know/knew. But, women can be as easy as them.
Like Chef said on South Park: you don't pay them to have sex, you pay them to leave afterwards...

No, I've never paid for sex because I'm a heterosexual woman and men are easy :-)


I just loved that!

Men ARE easy.

But again, that's their fault, not mine.

Someone once whined about "why don't girls masturbate?", and for one, some may have lower libidos, and for the ones that have higher libidos?

Is is ever -hard- for a woman to find a guy with a willing penis?

Even in my city, which is not that big, you could probably find at least 50-80 decent guys, online, not even counting within my social circle, that are willing sex partners.

It's like asking someone why they never have fast food, when they have their meals cooked and prepared for them by a professional chef every day.


That said, prostitution: Legalize it, stop criminalizing and arresting the young women out on the streets, and  start arresting the abusive pimps---cops should work with these women, not against them, and there should be more support to get women out of prostitution who don't want to be there.

The problem often is that you cannot earn a living wage out of a fast food job, and although it is unsafe, it is familiar, and more money can be had from prostitution than any other entry-level job, especially if you're unskilled.  In Australia, it is legalized, and from what I've seen---the places are clean, the women are happy to be there, and they are well-respected, and in a safe environment--that's how sex should be paid for, if you want to pay for it.

Not all of us! That's a horrible and very offensive stereotype.

Masturbation or that Men are easy?

I am mildly confused.

That men are easy.


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