Hey hey guys,

So over the weekend I received a very big letter from a family member.  This was not a personal letter.  This was a letter from god (or so they claim).  It was more of a packet (16 pages) that lays out how this person had a revelation and was spoken to by god.  I kid you not, she claims that she heard god's voice and saw the expression on his face (not his actual face of course).  They also believe that god has made it their mission to save America, and that this packet I received, contains the actual words of god.  There are members of my family who believe that what was written contains truth and that America really is going be destroyed due to the sinful nature of its people.  I don't really know what else to say about it, other than it scared me.  I'm scared for my relative who I feel is having a break with reality, but I don't know what I can do for them.  Or if I even could help them, don't think they want to be "saved" by me any more than I want to be "saved" by them hehe.  I'm going to try to attach a copy, good luck if you decide to read it.  Gonna be honest, I read most of it, but after the 4th page, it was skimming. 

I'd be very welcome to any advice/conversation about it.  The "a" document is an introduction letter with a little bit of info on how this came about. 

Please let me know if there is anything wrong with the links.  I had to scan it all in and then I tried to compress most of them into a word doc...I hope it was a success.

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Wow. What can I say, except...

These verbose, self-indulgent "revelations" from God are like a shot of Novocaine between the eyes. All kidding aside, I pity the person who wrote the raving, meaningless gibberish in those documents. Those are the words of someone whose mind has been destroyed; another casualty of religion. I can't imagine what it must be like to go through life that way.


They are my family and I care for them, I Judy don't know what to do, or if there is even anything to do.

I understand how you feel. Back in the early 90s my parents told me the holy spirit was commanding them to go to Medjugorje and see the Virgin Mary. This was during the Bosnian War, replete with violence including ethnic cleansing, genocide, rape gangs, kidnappings, snipers, and all of it.

Until then I had always let slide that my my parents had always sounded a little crazy where religion was concerned. My brother and other family members (who were almost as religious) were concerned but weren't going to say anything.

When my folks started making travel arrangements that finally did it. I told them flat-out if they actually thought God was sending them on a mission to a bloody war-torn country halfway around the world they had gone insane. I said we'd be worried half to death and if they got into trouble they'd be on their own because none of us would be flying over there to get them. My folks said they'd pray on it.

A few days later the holy spirit changed his (its?) mind and told them to visit Lourdes instead of Medjugorje. Then after a while the holy spirit told them to nix Lourdes and get a good TV and cable package, and start watching religious programming instead.

The fact is, deep down, my folks knew their plans were reckless to the point of danger and stupidity. I could never talk them out of believing in the holy spirit, but it didn't take much to talk them out of the "real world" dangers of what they were saying.

I don't know your family, but I suspect keeping an eye out for "real world" danger is the best you can do. If she says Jesus told me he wants us all to vote Republican, she is, of course, completely insane, but basically harmless. If she says Jesus wants us all to start drinking paint thinner to prove our love for him, then it's time to consult a mental health professional.

I've kept an eye on my family for years, and so far nothing that dangerous has ever recurred.

I can see where that would be a little scary, but I didn't read anything dangerous.  It kinda read as a manifesto from someone who has studied the bible restlessly and finally had put erupt it back on paper.  Sad to think of the other uses they could be putting their life and skills towards.  While unsettling to read, it resembles a typical pastor's sermon notes…except it didn't ask for your cash - so i guess thats good.

It is almost like a "possession" really. One day there will be a large lawsuit settlement against a mainstream church for inflecting brain damage. That would be a very good thing.

There seems to be a very thin line between having voices in your head that a psychiatrist might assist you with and hearing the commandments of an invisible being. That our culture, or even civilization, sees no problem with the latter is befuddling.

You are right on Ed, that was some some bat crap crazy stuff that would land anyone in the lonney bin except for the religious who seem to get a pass on crazy.

The writer of this letter is bananas. I strictly limit all (or any) contact with those who preach or who don't play by the rules of discourse. I find interactions with such people useless and extremely toxic. There are many other ways to deal with such people however disconnecting from them IS an option and there is nothing unethical about it (assuming you leave the door open for when the person stops preaching or starts to play by the rules).


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