this is a webpage that i found the other day and I was wondering what other atheists thought about it. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to science, most of my criticism is just human nature.


Please take the time to reply to some of these arguments.

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All I can say is all this "everything is perfect" kind of thought does not mean anything to me because we as humans evolved from conditions that provided us with opportunities to do so. It's kind of a chain reaction thing. The fact that each link in the chain fits with the link instantly before and after it does not help me to see why that means there is a God.


It's kind of like saying "Oh, isn't it perfect that we have mouths and it is pleasureable to eat". Okay, but how is that supposed to mean there is a God? I never got that connection. We have mouths because the environments we were formed from supported this deveopment.


It all seems pretty simple to me and I don't understand why someone would read that article and think it was a good reason to consider there is a God.


I think of the shifts of the oceanic plates and how it can be theorized that certain countries thousands miles away look like at one time they fit together with other countries. You could say it looks like a perfect fit. So why would that mean there is a God? It just means the continents drifted apart due to the laws of physics and plate tectonic motion throughout the ages.


If this Marilyn person had ever really been the atheist that she claims to have been, she would likely know how utterly ridiculous those arguments are.  It's likely that she was the kind of atheist who simply doesn't believe and doesn't know WHY they don't believe; the kind of atheist who didn't arrive at atheism through logic, reason, thought, and a journey to find the truth.

I'm with Galen on this one...


And those arguments are more suitable against the existence of a god.

If the Earth were any further away from the sun, we would all freeze. Any closer and we would burn up.


I just was talking about this tonight... remind them that the earth moves closer and away from the sun all the time The perihelion that currently occurs in early January places the Earth at a distance of about 91,402,500 miles (about 147,098,070 kilometers) from the sun....Likewise, the annual aphelion that currently occurs in early July happens about 14 days after the summer solstice. At this time, the distance of the aphelion is currently about 94,509,130 miles (about 152,097,700 kilometers).  Notice the difference?  Thats a lot.


The brain is a product of evolution.

Evaporation is a completely natural part of the water cycle which kids learn about in like 2nd grade.

The eye is another evolutionary product.  Technically, our eyes suck.  And why do blind animals have eyes?

What started the universe: no one knows, but claiming God MUST have done it, is idiotic.  Where did God come from?  Look in to other theories/hypothesis.

Laws of nature that never change?  Seriously??  If they changed, they wouldn't be LAWS lol.  This person is retarded.

DNA: another evolutionary masterpiece!  Not only do humans have DNA, but so does every other living thing on this planet.  And DNA PROVES EVOLUTION!  DNA is also fragile and corruptible.  If God made it, it should be perfect.  

God pursues us: I have never seen, heard, nor felt him.  This section seems to be a personal delusion. 

Jesus:  We should believe him because he was even more deluded that previous prophets?  His miracles are debatable and there is not much historical record of him.  Other religions claim to know God or Gods or Goddess(es).   And all religions KNOW they are the right one..... this one is no different.

That website's author clearly has little undersanding of mathematics and physics.


Lets take one argument and break it down:


1. The universe has not always existed. It had a start...what caused that? Scientists have no explanation for the sudden explosion of light and matter.


The above is just lack of understanding. I don't blame the author. There ARE explanations. String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, Inflation theory are a few that are serious and sincere attempts are explaining them. To say the universe had a start when it was infinitesimally small with almost infinite gravity is wrong. In the centre of black holes where gravity is almost infinity, time comes to a halt, the concept of before and after doesn't make sense. So it's absurd to think of a past or a future of the universe when we talk about the big bang.


the mathematics is complicated, i haven't grasped it yet, but it's there. We say around 14 billion years ago time started because time and space are INTERCONNECTED. Without space, there is no time. Without the big-bang there was no space, and hence no time.


But there are questions we dont have answers to. Why DID it bang, and WHAT banged? Just because we don't know the answeres doesn't mean GOD made them.


Even a fractional variance in the Earth's position to the sun would make life on Earth impossible.


That's just bullshit. Life has evolved even in deep water vents. Multicellular life at that! Here's a cool link:


The arguments on that site are just rubbish. "Science hasnt proven this this and this. But look how wonderful shit is. So there must be God"

....all the while, not even DEFINING what this GOD is.


Good Old Dingbag!

she has a good technique.first she says if your closed you'll miss the trick (of course this makes you open up a little to the idea). Then she spouts facts of science to put you in awe of the facts and the fact that she is supposedly proving god leads your mind to attribute these wonders to god instead of reasoning it out yourself. Then she tries to connect with you on a personal level by saying " I was one of you and this is what I thought". 9 out of 10 atheist have thought those thoughts at one time or another so she becomes "like you".


   Now for the facts. The brain is a mess. There is misfiring and chemical imbalances, it hallucinates just for starters. The eye is just as bad. Humans are one of the worst suited for a natural environment now.


 She made a fuss over how shit fit so nicely together. The earth supports the life that evolved to live here. If we had more gravity we would be shorter with heavier bones. Plus early life was much different. Everything she said is trickery. She uses facts of science to smoke screen the topic and lead you along to draw the conclusions she wants.


  The fact that we're not all dead because the sun or earth is just right is not proof of god, only proof that life is suited to this planet. By the way the laws of nature she talks about are not proven to be constant. On earth they operate one way but there are exceptions. A black hole for one. Wasn't there one about gravity effecting time? We have no clue about deep space as of yet. You can't assume anything beyond the bounds of your present scientific ability or reach.

I have the feeling she is trying to convince herself there is a god, although if her god was so great why did he create human beings to kill and maim in his name.  Where is the logic. Science has proofs but if god wants us to believe in him let him show himself. Not possible I suppose.

 Evolution is great and is understandable if you have the brains to do so.


I think you might have hit the nail on the head, Elaine.
You cant really refute them or argue for those arguments. We do not know enough yet to say so, but they are arguments which do persuade me to believe in a God, the universe is truly incredible...

When we find planets which support life, theists can stop using the Goldilocks theory to attempt to show this planet is unique; which currently it is... 


'That's right, but they are also the product of evolution. For more info, see the formation of the eye and of neural systems throughout the animal kingdom!'


Current theories of evolution have difficultly explaining the mind/brain dilemma, so no. You cannot use reductionism here; you cannot have half a mind....


The universe had a start.

Currently, the best explanation for a universe is that God started it...

but just because they are incredible..because we do not have enough knowledge about them, why do you think a god must have created the earth? I mean..we came a long way, we didn't use to know what anything was, until we learned more about it. I think the Mysticism is what keeps churches in business.

Wow, what a great website that proves the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Seriously, the people who did this website are just saying the same-old same-old.  Just because something is wonderful and awesome does not prove or even make it more likely than not that god(s) exist, much less that Christianity is true.  This preys on the ignorant.


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