Prolife? Pro-choice? Me I am a new middle ground I call Pro-DECISION

Okay heres my thought on abortion please don't flame me to hard...but I hate abortion yet I can allow for abortion when it harms the mothers life I am fine with that but frankly I don't like abortions. Heres why: See as many on here I accept evolution and I accept the earth being 4.5 billion years old. So that would mean I am a long struggling process of 4.5 billion years of evolution just to get to me...thats reason 1 my biggest reason reason 2: Richard dawkins once said "We are the lucky ones because we are going to die...Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born at all.." Frankly I want everyone to be just lucky enough to be born. Reason 3: life is short and this world though not perfects is so ...wonderfully made wonderfully formed... I want as many people to see it not to mention the stars the planets the other galaxies the hubble pictures ECT ECT. I want them to learn science to learn their orgins their true orgins and I want them to find their own path and follow their dreams.

Which is why I am pro DECISION: I dont like abortion but I allow that it is not my DECISION however I would like said person that is NOT having medical birth problems to make sure they have an INFORMED EDUCATED DECISION. I kinda is prochoice....but I also pro life which is why I kinda had to make something new....

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This is still going? SHEESH wow XD

You started it, blame yourself.

Or blame Obama that works sometimes.


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