I was using Google to do some research on the big bang, and I came across a promising looking site, All About Science. The creators of this site have worked very hard to make it look like a legitimate science web site. But it doesn't take long to realize that this is just more Creationist Woo Woo.

I am getting so fed up with all the blatant lying in our society, from the oil companies spending billions to discredit, or obfuscate the science of global warming, to the political lies we see in corporate funded slam ads.

I wish we had a liars' list for all these charlatans. They call it freedom of speech, but it should be illegal! Anyone have any ideas to help expose the hypocracy?

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Play patient... wait until they do something "legally sketchy" and then pounce and file lawsuit.
They call it freedom of speech, but it should be illegal!

If it was. We would have been theists all along.
You're declaration comes out of anger. We have to let people tell what they are thinking. It is the person that hears it that has to validate it.

I am getting so fed up with all the blatant lying in our society
You should realize that there is also unintentional lying ( that we observe in those who furiously defend their ideas and spread it onwards thinking they are doing 'good' ). There is also intentional lying that occurs when you think about your own gain. Lying is a weapon that shoots information.

2 forms of lying from my point of view : delusional and interest-oriented.

Solution to delusional lying is education ( hard to penetrate ignorance though ). Solution to interest-oriented is security and law enforcing ( hard to achieve though )
Lying serves a purpose, to confer an advantage, and if you let people lie in public about important topics, THEIR way is advantaged, and they win. In our society, the honest will always lose.
Well a good place to post lists like these is http://www.wikipedia.org/
There are already some cool lists of criminal evangelists and so on.
It's kind of funny that you can't exactly write a comment on the articles. You can only "share" this stuff. I wonder if that's because they know they're full of it?

But as far as calling attention to this kind of thing... Personally, all I know I can do is shed light on this with my friends, and ask them to really think about what these people are saying. I'd like to think most of my friends would at least read something like this website and wonder, "Hmm... that doesn't seem quite right."

If enough people question, surely things would change. Maybe one day writings like this will be far and few in between (I'm not sure we'd ever get completely rid of it), and the majority would just realize it's nothing to be taken seriously.

I highly doubt it'll happen anytime soon. Maybe in my hypothetical children's time, but not mine. :(


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