I was using Google to do some research on the big bang, and I came across a promising looking site, All About Science. The creators of this site have worked very hard to make it look like a legitimate science web site. But it doesn't take long to realize that this is just more Creationist Woo Woo.

I am getting so fed up with all the blatant lying in our society, from the oil companies spending billions to discredit, or obfuscate the science of global warming, to the political lies we see in corporate funded slam ads.

I wish we had a liars' list for all these charlatans. They call it freedom of speech, but it should be illegal! Anyone have any ideas to help expose the hypocracy?

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Interesting. One problem is that we always seem to go with the authorities we like / trust / conditioned to believe, and so don't often expose ourselves to anything but group think. We somehow need to popularise these efforts (in your face) without being branded with the same mark!
The internet is but a big pie in the sky. Studies about the internet place/role in society are starting to show that instead of opening up the world and science, it bastardises it. The 21st century's internet is not about the globalisation of knowledge but about the globalisation of pop culture. The internet is less and less about the "interesting things" one might find and more about the number of hits any item gets, whether it be reddit or facebook or sharethis or tweeting, it's all about popularity.

The great advantage of the paper literary world is that information got vetted before it got published. Now with the internet, any idiot can publish any stupid piece of info, dress it up nicely, add proper advertising and tricks to increase hits quickly and badabing badaboom, you have yourself a fake science site! Of course modern paper publishing has fallen prey to covert tactics and have acquired the skills to imitate vetting processes.

More information is NOT always better.
Yes, but it has to be beyond reproach as far as dedication to truth and reason.
Ehh not to derail the topic but can we even define consciousness or is it just electric signals in our brain mixed with chemicals and our ability to think makes us feel special? Because thats kind of what I've concluded.
I just read a very interesting paper on how consciousness possibly evolved, with explanation of different levels of consciousness. And I don't mean metaphysical levels. E.g. apparently reptiles don't dream, but most mammals do, which is an indication of the ability to replay memories and "practice" in a dream how to do something better when awake.

Obviously humans are way on top in the consciousness department, and this short paper gives insight into how it may have happened. Only 7 pages in pdf format, if anyone's interested.

Back on topic, those selfish idiots are abusing the brain that God supposedly gave them! Inventing all kinds of fantasy to explain reality. Snake oil.
It is highly improbable that we can determine that humans are on the highest level of consciousness, as we are not the smartest mammals on the planet, we just think we are. I have studied the ideas of sleep and how they pertain to the waking mind. I find most of the studies fascinating but like most science on consciousness it is to misleading with not enough research.
I'm looking forward to learning from animals, and vise-versa (if they so desire).
I don't know if it's abusing the brain... look at it from another angle...

Early science mostly evolved within and encouraged by religious infrastructures, science was seen as a way to elevate man from animals. This is a lifelong fantasy of religion to elevate man from animals. So science and religion are born of the exact same DRIVE. "we humans are different than animals". Since no aimals have religion, maybe they're right!!!

I have come to see our fascination with "elevating" ourselves above our surroundings is nothing more than the religious impulses that underlye even a majority of atheists.
Too pessimistic of a generalization for me. Saying we have a "higher" level of consciousness isn't necessarily a value judgment, especially when I say it. Science doesn't judge. Perhaps some scientists do.

In any case, I guess we've all heard theists preach that we are better than other animals, because "God is above nature". Hubris is most definitely a common problem among us.

Yeah, it's hard for humans to be humble. Especially if they're Raiders fans.
It's not feeling special because you have cognitive thought, most every living thing on earth has cognitive or conscious thoughts.
... and they probably all feel special TOO!
Cute indeed, and it shows a complete lack of understanding as to what consciousness is, or spirituality for that matter. When I'm asleep, I am unconscious. There is nothing metaphysical about a brainstate. It's no more spiritual than the CPU in a computer. It's a physical machine that utilizes energy in a complex way that has been refining itself over millions of years.
*sigh* Woo Woo makes me want to slap people.


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