A question for all of you! This question is inspired by something that happened to me a few years ago but came back up in a recent conversation with my podcasting partner.

I used to want to go to school for childcare and have worked in a couple daycare centers. I was jobless at this time and looking in a newspaper for a job. I found an ad for a Christian daycare for a religious teachers assistant. I was with a religious friend of mine and jokingly asked him what he would do if I applied for this job. He looked at me in all seriousness and told me that if I did it, he would find a way to report me or something (to who?) and begged me not to 'corrupt children.'

The question is this; If you were desperate for a job, would you pretend to have a religion? If you would, and say you can pick whatever religion, which would it be and why?

The other part is if you say no. I understand why you would say no, you would be giving up to a degree, and perhaps messing with your values. But heres my thought. A lot of religious people will stupidly and stubbornly not give up on there godliness even if it means a life or death situation. Are we just as bad if we wont pretend we believe for the sake of living?

My answer, I'd totally pretend especially if it was temporary. I'd play it up, make a character, a parody if you will. Work on my acting skills ;p

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True enough.  It's unfortunate (even tragic) that they are trapped in life roles that they cannot fill with any conviction, and yet it's a good thing that they have managed to enlighten themselves, if only inwardly.  Perhaps, when doubters may come to them, they can more effectlvely support them.  Daniel Dennett has written about nonbelieving clergy, and he has gathered some pitiable testimony from those who are so burdened.


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