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On christmas I told my mom that I wasn't going to pray when it was time for dinner. She respectfully said "That's fine", and went on with her day. When it was time to eat she made everyone hold hands, I said "I'm not praying" she said "You don't have to, but hold hands". I refused and everyone at the table started to glare at me, then start yelling at me till I caved in. 


I know it's not technically praying if I hold hands, but it still feels like I'm partaking in an activity that I don't want to be apart of. I don't have a problem with them praying, let them do what they want, but don't make me do join you. And I know this is going to sound completely trivial to a lot of people, but it's still the fucking concept. I mean christians wouldn't hold hands with Muslims to pray, so why should they expect me to do the same? I know my sister just goes along with it (She's an atheist as well), and some of you might. But for what reasons should I HAVE to?


When I approached my mother afterwards I merely said "Why did you make me do that, why did you make me pray?". She got hostile towards me, even though my tone was normal. She responded with "You weren't praying, and if you don't want to take part in this family then you can go sit in the corner". I just stopped talking about it after that, I feel like I've just been pressured into something that makes me feel uncomfortable (even if it is a very small issue). 


So should I show resistance and go sit in a corner next time this happens, or should I follow the way of the sheep? 



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except furthering the delusion for the ones that think it does ... which in turn prevents many rational people from doing real world practical things to make these things 'prayed for' turn out in reality.  


Prayer stifles REAL help.  

Your, right. And I'd like to tell them that to. But I don't really no any ways to stop this from happening, I guess all "I" can help for as far as me and my family go is to just ignore it. But seriously, what are things that help in that regard??
Not sure I understand the question - By 'in that regard' , what are you referring to?
In regard to stopping  people from praying to nothing. to stop them from waisting there time.

Oh.  You could suggest that it's meaningless and detrimental to societal well being?  


In short, be truthful and speak out.  


This is my humble view on the matter, to be taken with a grain of salt, although if people took these things as seriously as they like to think they do, prefectly possible. Luckily 99.99999% of these gullible morons are lying through their teeth most of the time and would not dream of following the unnegociable instructions from their "god" about sush situiations.

Not living in the USA, I find these anecdotes incredible. I guess it must be true becasue I've heard many similar stories, but I really have a hard job understanding that people like this actually exist in real life!I have certainly never come across anything like that in the UK or Spain where I live - or indeed anywhere else in my extensive travels. (Sorry, I totally assumed you live in the USA, I don't think this happens anywhere else in the world any more - apart form maybe a few other out of control fundamentalist religious countries).

If I were you I would either go and find somewhere else to get a meal until your family get a life and accept you as you are, or... do as you suggest, sit in the corner, but skin up an enornmous joint and let them get on with their dumbass rituals while you get quietly and pleasantly off your head. If the smoke bothers them, you could even go into the garden so as not to spoil their appetites. They will presumably be grateful for that show of consideration and maybe tone down their unreasonable deamnds in the future.

¿Or are they against getting high, too? It wouldn't surprise me, as these types of irrational people seem to get confused as to what is normal, decent moral behaviour, what is superstitious bullshit (harmful or merely annoying) and what is of no importance.


It is not really a solution, but at least you will be too shitfaced to give a crap about your unreasonable mother's irrational rants.

Whatever you do, don't give in to you mother's demands, unless she is 125 years old and about to drop dead, in which case you could humour her to make her last days in the universe less conflictive. But still inform her she is dead wrong and that you are only humouring her as a special favour out of compassion, because she is you dying mother but you still think she is an uncompromising old bag who should be grateful that you don't run off and leave her for ever for being so unreasonable and forcing you into an uncomfortable position in which you have less than zero interest.

Oh, and instead of saying Amen, you say "Ah souls" and point at them.

Faimily or not, these deluded people have no right whatsoever to brainwash you into these anachronistic, bronze age rituals. If they do, they are in the wrong and deserve no respect on the issue. They are the ones that are disrespecting you if, as you say, it makes you feel uncomfortable.


Hope that helps! (It won't, it will probably make things 10 time worse and you'll find out if she is bluffing about being a christian, because now she has the obligation of stoning you to death, which is after all a true christian's duty to a disobedient son: Deuteronomy 21:18-21) It is very clear on the matter.

If you addiotionally mock her, which I personally think you should, these people, after all, do not deserve automatic respect; then she will have no option than take you to have your eyes plucked out by ravens and eaten by eagles. If in the ensuring argument, you curse your mother, you must be stoned to death: Exodus 21:17.

So, if your mother really is the christian that she claims to , there will be 3 successive attempts on you life. If in the heat of the melée, you manage to land an upper cut punch you father's holier than thou jaw, then he too, must stone you to death: Exodus 21:15. I don't know whether they will stome you to death once, and let the eagles peck out your eyes, and the stone your dead body to death again, or if they do the eagle first and cionmbie the 2 stonings into one. Perhaps they should ask their preacher what would be the best plan.


I think the best idea is to run for your life and go and live in a civilized country where this bullshit doesn't even come up in conversation apart from mocking the crap out of your ridiculous, belligerent, medievel, selfish and holier than thou, backward country (Sorry, I am still assuming from your story that you are from the USA).



I hope you find a solution slightly more practical and harmonious than my fatalistic assesment of the situation.

If you do, it will be in spite of the grip that religion has on more and more of the short and curlies of the vast majority of the citizens your once great country, which is now a laughing stock around the world.




Alrighty then. I'm amused and a little speechless. lol.

I was just exploring the possibilities and stretching them from their illogical beginning to their illogical conclusion.

However, all that stuff about murdering your children is in the bible. It is childcare 101 Old Testament style, and I don't remember seeing "jesus" repealing any of those old jewish laws, or repudiating them in any way... or is it refudiating? Damn you Palin! hahaha! 


Don't take me seriously, I'm just have a laugh at their expense and I hope that Bronson finds a real solution. While it sounds like a bad joke to me, I am given to understand that these things cause real problems within families where individuals have managed to grasp hold of reality and the rest of them are left wallowing in their own assenine bullshit - and for some reason, they don't like it. They must feel betrayed, I guess. Maybe even slightly embarrassed and ashamed  if they have a modicum of common sense and logic and decency left in their bodies.


He's from Canada....
Sadly, Canada is too close to the U.S. to escape contamination by the religious mob mentality so prevalent in the U.S.


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